CCW Breakaways Multi-Purpose Belt

This isn’t what you think it is. I mean, yeah, you could use it to keep your carry holster safe and secure while you tote your defensive handgun, but it’s actually a whole lot more. Just like a multitool is handy to have since it can handle life’s little emergencies, CCW Breakaways’ new Multi-Purpose Belt can also help with emergencies, both big and small. But how’s that?

Have you ever needed to tie down your trunk lid after buying that new lawn mower? No rope? No sweat if you have this belt. Note the holes punched all the way around the belt? You can use it as a strap to hold down your trunk — or just about anything. Loop it around something, then use the buckle to snug it down. Carry that bundle of firewood to the camp fire. How about a temporary sling for a broken arm? Need to drag that injured person out of the fire? How about “handcuffing” that miscreant you just took down?
I think one of the most important uses is as a direct pressure device or tourniquet for serious wounds. I saw some still photos taken immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing. It showed a bystander approach a downed person, then whip his belt off, which he then applied as a tourniquet on the badly damaged leg of the victim. He kept his wits and used what he had at-hand to stop the serious bleeding.

It seems we’re always saying how “simple is best” around here, and this certainly qualifies as both simple — and best. At around $34.99, it’s nicely made, looks good and could easily be used to save a life. Maybe even yours. Oh, it does a good job of holding up your pants too, and all those holes makes it easy to adjust after that big Thanksgiving dinner, just so you know. I’m wearing mine as I type this. For more info:, (717) 774-2152
Roy Huntington

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