Charter’s New .40S&W Revolver

It’s been my experience dedicated sixgunners, especially those with more than a little gray in their beard, have several attributes in common. Of course, one is the fact we all appreciate fine handguns, with fine being defined as any sixgun or semi-auto which functions 100 percent reliably, always goes bang when the trigger is pulled, and shoots to point of aim. Fit and finish are definitely important, but can be overshadowed by function. Old sixgunners are also enthralled by fighter planes of World War II, classic cars of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, and dogs of virtually every description. When it comes to the latter, I’ve had everything from litter runts, to mutts of unknown heritage, and even purebreds. No matter what their ancestry, all dogs often put humans to disgrace when it comes to loyalty and unconditional love.

Like every boy growing up I had many dogs, and as I married and the kids came along, we made sure they also experienced the love of dogs. There is something inbred in dogs of every type which especially makes them protective of young kids and women.

I always wanted to have a pair of large purebred dogs and this goal was achieved in 1995 with Red and Wolf. We got them as 6-week-old Malamute puppies and they grew to be huge, lovable and gentle dogs — except when they were in their protective mode. The grandkids could do anything to those dogs, and my youngest granddaughter was especially attracted to them, with one usually being found on each side of her.

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One thought on “Charter’s New .40S&W Revolver

  1. KMacK

    I like the idea of the pistol, a revolver shooting .40 calibre rimless rounds; but why does Charter always stick to short barreled
    revolvers? Yes, they are easy to carry. They are also some of the most difficult weapons to shoot accurately, and lack the weight to moderate the .40 calibre’s rather sharp recoil.
    All that aside, I like the pistol. It is something that is less likely to jam or choke than an automatic, and that is a good thing.
    For someone who can handle the recoil, and has the experience to accurately shoot a short barreled revolver, this is going to be a perfect carry weapon. Good work, Charter!

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