Conversation with a Champion

From the March/April 1987 Issue

Talking to Jeff Cooper about practical pistolcraft...

…would be like talking to Abner Doubledav about baseball or James Naismith about basketball, except that there’s some doubt whether Doubleday and Naismith actually originated the sports they’re credited with. No such doubt exists with Cooper and practical shooting; although he’s quick to acknowledge the contributions of Jack Weaver, John Plahn, Elden Carl, Ray Chapman and others, Cooper conceived, developed and popularized the modern approach to the defensive use of the pistol. But Cooper would probably find the comparison to Doubleday and Naismith invidious; for him, pistolcraft is not a game but a deadly serious business, and he has long since parted company with those who view the handgun primarily as an instrument for winning trophies. Nevertheless, his work has influenced generations of ”gamesmen” and ‘martial artists” alike.

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