Compact Survival Kit

We reviewed Echo -Sigma’s “Get Home Bag” ( in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue. Their stuff is rock-solid and well-thought-out. With today’s craziness, we also thought it wouldn’t hurt to revisit what they do and highlight a nifty compact kit they make.

Called, oddly enough, the Compact Survival Kit, this is included in the Get Home Bag, but can be purchased on it’s own for about $50. It’s the sort of thing each of your kids should have in their packs when you’re camping, or even on a road trip in the car. At the least, stash one in the glove compartment of each of your rides. It would really help to “get home” should something go awry.

It’s got a short but comprehensive list of goodies stashed neatly inside: compass, whistle, emergency blanket, fire-making products, duct tape, water tabs, light sticks, ball point pens, ear plugs and even a writing pad. In my own experience after the Joplin tornado, the ability to leave notes for missing family or rescuers was critical. This is a tiny kit but properly equipped with just the key things needed at-hand. I’d compliment it with a good flashlight and stout folding knife. Those were left out to keep costs down. But I’ll bet most of you will likely have those very things at-hand, and it allows you to use the exact knife or light you think is needed for your situation.

The shotgun round is shown for size only, and the opened and closed photos will give you an idea of just how compact this kit really is. Check out their website for an impressive lineup of survival grab-bags for just about any situation. For more info:
By Roy Huntington

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