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Cold Steel Inc
3036-A Seaborg Ave , Ventura CA 93003
805-642-9727 fax


A Close Look at Knives
Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2017
Article: Sword Cane

Issue: GUNS Magazine May 2016
Article: Trailmaster Bowie

Warcraft Tanto Knife
Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2015
Article: Knives & More

Master Hunter
Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2015
Article: Winning Edge

Trail Master, Master Hunter & the Hold Out
Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2014
Article: A Close Look At Knives

Micro Recon 1
Issue: American COP June 2014
Article: Life In The Big City Urban Knives

Issue: GUNS Magazine June 2014
Article: Lock N' Roll: Choose Your Blade Lock and You're Ready To Roll

Four Alarm Lockback
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2014
Article: Knives

Sharpen Your Knife Skills
Issue: Shooting Industry October 2013
Article: Knife Market Remains Hot With Aggressive Designs

Mini Tac Neck Knives
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2012
Article: Spotlight

New Products
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2012
Article: Mini Tac Neck Knives Series

Insights Into Defensive Knife Sales
Issue: Shooting Industry July 2011
Article: Lethal Force