New Ultra Light Arms Inc

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New Ultra Light Arms Inc
214 Price Street , Granville WV 26534
304-292-9662 fax



Bigger, Badder, Best?
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2016
Article: 0.257

Hypervelocity Hunting
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2016
Article: Model 20 7mm

Handloading: The Magnificent 7x57 Mauser
Issue: GUNS Magazine May 2015
Article: Model 20

Handloading: Kinder Gentler .338's
Issue: GUNS Magazine December 2014
Article: .338-06-A Square New Ultra Light Arms Mddel 24

The Custom Rifle
Issue: GUNS Magazine September 2013
Article: Have It Your Way. Here's How.

Wood, Plastic & Glass
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2013
Article: Rifle Stock Materials Have Evolved Over the Last 8 Centuries