Pelican Products Inc.

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Pelican Products Inc.
23215 Early Ave , Torrance CA 90505
310-326-3311 fax


Issue: Shooting Industry August 2017
Article: Switch on Profits

BioThermal's Chronos Advance shipping system
Issue: Shooting Industry July 2017
Article: Industry News

A close look at Lights, Sights & Lasers
Issue: American Handgunner November/December 2016
Article: 3310 Emergency Lighting System

Pelican 55QT Tailgater Wheeled Cooler
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2016
Article: New Products

The Bussiness of Safety
Issue: Shooting Industry November 2015
Article: P1075 Pistol & Accessory Hardback Case

Tools of the Trade
Issue: American Handgunner Tactical Gun-Gear 2016 Special Edition
Article: Pelican Pack

Traveling with Firearms
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2015
Article: Pelican Case

1170 Fitted Hard Case
Issue: American COP May 2014
Article: Gun Giveaway

"Perfect Fit" Custom-Cut Foam
Issue: American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2013
Article: Spotlight

Pelican Red/White/Blue LED
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2013
Article: Gunnysack

The 2012 Cop Christmas Gift Guide
Issue: American COP December 2012
Article: Avoid Crowds - Shop Online

P1075 Pistol & Accessory HardBack Case
Issue: American COP November 2012
Article: Gear & Goodies 2012

Pelican Receives Presidential ÒEÓ Award
Issue: Shooting Industry July 2012
Article: Industry News

Pelican Opens Office In South Korea
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2011
Article: Industry News

Pelican Products Receives Award
Issue: Shooting Industry August 2011
Article: Industry News

Pelican Products Canada Named To Top 50 List
Issue: Shooting Industry July 2011
Article: Industry News

Pelican Products Acquires Trimcast
Issue: Shooting Industry June 2011
Article: Industry News

Pelican Named To INC's List, CFO Honored
Issue: Shooting Industry November 2010
Article: Industry News

Gearing Up For SWAT
Issue: American COP May/June 2010
Article: case

Pelican Sends Survival And Rescue Items To Haiti
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2010
Article: Industry News

New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2010
Article: Weapons Cases