Competition Gear

It’s Not All Play, But It Can Be All Fun!

Back when Mickey Fowler was tearin’ up handgunning records and hauling championships home in a wheelbarrow, he had just blasted out another win when some hair sprayed, non-shooting talking head poked a microphone in front of him and asked, “So, Mister Fowler, why do you compete?” Mickey’s smile turned to perplexed puzzlement. He peered at the guy for a long moment and started to say something. Then Mickey slowly shook his head, sighed and walked away. A grizzled ol’ gunner collared the clueless correspondent.

“I think what Mickey means is,” he explained, “If you don’t know, I can’t tell ya.” When you compete, sure, you shoot to win, but you don’t have to take home the gold to be a winner. In so many ways, showing up is winning; taking part is the reward; improvement is your prize, and beating your own “best” is a championship. Here are some cool tools to help you get there.
Story By John Connor

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May/June 2012

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  1. David

    In your article “Competition Gear” AHG May/June, pg 63, what is the gun in photo 1, and who makes it? Thank You!

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