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The Ruger .22 autopistol isn’t the easiest pistol to disassemble and reassemble, but my Rugers are so darn reliable I only take them down for cleaning about every second year, and I forget the process between cleanings. A company called Majestic Arms makes a neat accessory to make the job easier. It’s called the Speed Strip and consists of two components: a replacement hammer, and a 2-piece bolt stop pin to replace the standard 1-piece pin.

Currently there are versions to fit the MK I and II and another version to fit the MK III (in both cases including the 22/45 variations) and the price is $49.95. There is also a 3.2 version which will fit any of the three versions and includes a hammer pivot bushing; price at present is $61.95.

Installation requires detail stripping of the pistol, and removing and replacing cross pins. It isn’t overly difficult if you have the time and some simple tools. Majestic Arms can also install the Speed Strip for a fee of $40 plus $13.95 S&H if you send in your Ruger grip frame, mainspring housing and one magazine.

Once installed, the Speed Strip bolt stop pin can be removed with an Allen wrench, allowing the bolt to be removed for cleaning, and the bore to be cleaned from the chamber. I installed one in a 22/45 model and found it works as claimed.

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