Concealed Carry For Ladies

From the Concealed Carry for Ladies Thunder Ranch video training course featuring Heidi Smith.

Heidi Smith discusses the special considerations for ladies when deciding to carry a concealed gun. — 4:19

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4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry For Ladies

  1. James OBrien

    Heidi: Thanks for an excellent common-sense presentation of this topic BY a woman and FOR women. Over the years, I’ve seen male instructors’ egos and poor attitudes towards women-students drive them away from guns and the shooting sports in general. The very last thing we need in our troubled modern society. We as gun owners and freedom-loving Americans NEED women more than ever as equals and allies to fight the creepy nobama social engineers. Women can change and affect culture as no man ever could. Nicely done. JOB.

    1. Heidi Smith

      Thank you so very much for the kind words on the Ladies DVD. I have been working with women and firearms for over 20 years now and they TRULY are the future of gun ownership in this wonderful country of ours.
      Clint and I would teach all ladies courses… all the time if possible…they are smart…listen and want to do well..its truly enjoyable to take a new lady shooter and introduce her to looking at a gun in a logical way…not emotional.
      I think its also important for a woman to get a gun that works for her…and then teach her to “run her gun”…not let the gun run her…then truly…they are in control of their personal defense.
      Again thank you JOB.
      Thunder Ranch Inc.

      1. Jenifer Sandberg

        Dear Heidi,
        I tried to read your lips what you are saying about these safety handguns which is best for ladies to carry concealed weapon. I am not hundred percent what you are saying. I will love to hear for their advice and counseling. I am hearing impaired, so I wondering these dvds do have a closed captions what the dvd saying to be able I can read it with the closed captions? Please, let me know. Thank you very much for your time.
        Mrs. Jenifer Sandberg

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