Exclusive: Concealed Cary Men’s Briefcase

“This Ain’t No Man Purse…”

By Tank Hoover

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear! This ain’t no man-purse, yuppie sack, or briefcase for stiff-suited subjects! This is a man’s bag, made for men! Built and designed by Concealed Carrie, the company was founded by Leslie Deets. Hers is a great and interesting story, I think.

Leslie wanted to get more familiar and educated with firearms. She did it the right way and enrolled in several concealed carry classes. She noticed several women carrying their guns in holsters. Knowing this wouldn’t be her style of carry, and necessity being the mother of invention, she came up with her own line of concealed carry purses that are modeled after todays stylish, designer handbags.

While I’m no expert on designer purses, I do know good leather, usually in the form of holsters, and have bought a purse or two for my wife in the past. Concealed Carrie purses are top notch and a great way for women to carry their pistols.

Men took notice of Leslie’s line, okay, we were a wee bit jealous, and sent requests for her to make a man’s shoulder bag with the same style and good looks. Seizing the opportunity, Leslie came out with the “Concealed Cary” for men.




You’ll be carrying more than your briefs with this stylish and functional brown leather briefcase. With the demeanor and build of a saddlebag from the days of the wild west, this zippered open-top carry-all has ruggedly handsome looks that will turn heads and make people take notice, without cluing them in that you are “armed and ready.”

The more you carry and use it, the more attractive it gets, as you earn the range-scar nick and scratch look of distressed leather.

The zippers and buckles have an aged hardware look, perfectly accentuating the rustic distressed leather. The easily accessible zippered compartments for your Roscoe are on each side of your bag, making it ambidextrous. Each has a convenient side pocket, perfect for cell phones, providing an extra layer to prevent the printing of your piece.

A tablet easel is included for up to a 16” tablet. A handy credit card caddy is stitched to the inside top of the bag for ease and speed of whipping out the plastic or ID. Hefty stitched-on handles, along with a padded shoulder strap give you the versatility of preferred carry.

So saddle-up, pack your pistol or shootin’ iron, and carry in style, while being armed. Concealed Cary is cool in this stylish carry all! Giddy-up and go getcha one!

For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/concealed-carrie/

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