Credentials, Science And Safety Bull

I once was told by a grumpy reader not to use this column as a podium for my personal opinions. This seems odd because if I write about tactics or review a gun, I think it would be my considered opinion, correct? Every once and awhile an opinion is a good thing. We all know opinions are like butts and brains — everybody has one, although the latter is sometimes not used well. Here are some opinions about subjects I have dealt with for 40 years. You’ll need to decide if this works for you.

If you’re going to a local gun school because of limited funds for travel distances, everyone can understand those issues. It would be a good thing to know the person next to you on the firing line wasn’t a prior felon, so the school you attend should at least require documented credentials for students. You should be able to stand next to someone and train without having to consider the strong probability of having to shoot him next week while attempting to rob you on the street. It would also be nice if the instructor had credentials or exposure. It matters not if they wore an eagle globe and anchor, a beret of any color, a set of flippers or a badge, and none of these items means they can teach. Today there are bunches of people who pushed up berms from Washington State to South Texas, who really get bent when you ask for credentials.

Credentials are like a birth certificate — if you got one, show it. Oddly, sometimes simply credentials just don’t do it. Just because somebody belonged to spec-ops something — remember parachute packers, cooks and plane loaders belong to the same organization — are they trigger pullers or cooks? And anyone of them can instruct shooting because of why? When you go to a school it isn’t actually all about what the instructor did in the past or even knows; it’s about what the instructor can teach you. Ask for credentials, and be willing to give some right back.

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