Crimson Trace Laser Grips

We’re going to show you two goodies in the space of one; since they are both nifty and I couldn’t wait to get both in front of you. The Rail Master (Model CMR-201) is your standard 5MW class 3R laser, but what helps to make it interesting is the fact it fits on virtually any gun with a rail (either a Picatinny- or Weaver-style). From rifles to shotguns or just about any handgun out there, the Rail Master clips on (using supplied adaptors to tailor the best fit), and offers handy “touch” on/off sensors on either side you reach with a finger, with a 5-minute auto shut off. It zeros to your sights using supplied tiny hex wrenches, and offers over four hours of “on” time with the supplied battery.

And now, drum roll please — you can get Crimson Trace Laser Grips (Model LG-487) for your full-sized Springfield Armory XD(M) series pistols. Thanks to the fact you can easily replace the rear gripstrap insert on the guns, Crimson Trace took advantage of that feature, allowing fast and secure installation of their laser by simply replacing the grip insert on the XD(M). Even though you’ll lose the “custom” insert feature, the Crimson Trace, when installed, feels about like the small to medium one supplied by Springfield. It fit my smallish hand just fine, but also gives enough “meat” for those beefier hands.

Unlike other models, this one activates the laser with a pressure switch on the backstrap. I found it easy to turn the laser on by simply squeezing my grip a tad. Once zeroed, this system allows you to mount a light on the rail, yet still have the option of a laser sight if you like. What will they think of next? For more info: (800) 442-2406,
By Roy Huntington

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