Custom Handgun Evolution

Beginning in the late 1960s, shooting sports evolved through many rapid changes, which dictated what work we gunsmiths had to perform. We started out with Bullseye Precision shooting and then to building long-range silhouette pistols and bowling pin guns. Those morphed into IPSA and then steel plate guns, IDPA and scores of other ways to punch holes and knock stuff down. We stocked specialized parts and supplies like compensators, weird scope mounts and sights for each of these disciplines. Today, most of those parts sit in storage drawers never to be used again.

With the majority of states issuing concealed handgun permits, shooters are now in pursuit of the perfect concealed handgun. The quest, lucky for we custom pistolsmiths, will probably never end, and has finally given us a shooting discipline to hang our hat on for a long run. One thing I know for certain, you likely can’t get by with just one carry gun. You need one for every condition.

For instance, when my wife drags me to some highbrow medical convention or symphony concert I like to carry an efficient little Kahr 9. You don’t need much firepower to put a raging bleeding heart liberal down. On the other hand, rodeo cowboys, when out of control, are a tough bunch, so I pack a .45.
By Alex Hamilton

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