Defensive Logic

From the Defensive Logic Thunder Ranch video training course featuring Clint Smith.

A preview of Clint Smith’s new Defensive Logic training DVD — 3:42.

Clint Smith’s new Defensive Logic training DVD offers reliable solutions for when you’ll need them most.

This full-length video, filmed on location at Thunder Ranch in Oregon, includes two hours and 36 minutes explaining the importance of “LOGIC” in all training methods and application.

Order today and learn new skills — before you need them.

42 Video Chapters Include:
• What Will Threat Look Like?
• Problems Likely To Encounter
• Mental Preparation
• Avoidance
• Deciding Factors In A Fight
• Modern Technique
And MUCH, MUCH More!


2 thoughts on “Defensive Logic

  1. Pete Trapani

    I finally found the clip from a magazine showing a DVD I wanted to order, but I do not see it being offered at your website. Which one of the DVDs now being offered would cover “Logical solutions for home, car and carry” ? “Either drive or draw … not both” ?

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