Diamondback Firearms

Triple Pocket Protectors In 9mm & .380 ACP.

Diamondback’s DB380 and DB9 really are tiny. I mean, not just “these are a handy size” type small, but “Oh man, can you really build ’em that small and have them work?” The answer is yes, you really can build them that small, and yes, again, they really do work.

While we all have visions of never being without our all-steel 5″ 1911, regardless of weather or dress, the reality is, um … not. Unless you’re a working cop or a die-hard CCW person, most of us tend to try to find a middle of the road someplace. And while our own Clint Smith certainly says carrying a handgun should be comforting, not comfortable, Clint is one of those rare people who seem to be able to do it. He really does carry a 4″ steel Model 29 in a pocket holster sometimes, otherwise, a 5″ all-steel 1911 rides in an IWB holster the rest of the time. But, not me. Call me lazy or call me a risk-taker, but I tend toward lightweight J-frames, polymer frames on bigger guns and on rare occasions, a older Les Baer 5″ 1911 with an aluminum frame when I feel daring.

All of which brings us neatly back to the Diamondback trio at-hand.

Teeny Tiny

Yes they are, as in hide-it-in-your-palm tiny for the .380s and about the same for the DB9 I have about medium sized-hands and I can essentially completely hide either the .380 or the 9mm behind my hand. No peeking out — you can’t see it, kind of hidden. So that firmly establishes both the DB380 and the DB9 as definite pocket-carry material. Which is mostly how this sort of thing gets carried.

But first, let’s put stopping power and all that to rest. Would I choose to relay on a .380, complete with short-barrel velocities as my only personal protection handgun? Not me; but mostly because they are tiny and hard to manipulate well for me. In the real world, the .380 seems to work fairly well at convincing bad guys to stop doing what they are doing. Ditto for the 9mm. So, in the real world, you’re probably fine with either. As long as they work, and you put good ammo in them, and actually hit your target.
By Roy Huntington

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