Did They Get Their Money’s Worth?

By Dave Workman

In the wake of November’s elections, The Trace ran some numbers relating to spending on gun control measures around the country that underscores the adage “money talks.”

To put things in perspective, The Trace is a publication initially bankrolled by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s faux “grassroots” gun prohibition lobbying group, Everytown for Gun Safety’s support fund. It describes itself as “an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan news organization dedicated to expanding public understanding of gun violence in the United States.” So, when it talks about money spent by anti-gunners, pay attention.

The ballot measure requiring so-called “universal background checks” in Nevada, which barely passed while being opposed by government leaders and lawmen, reportedly saw $16 million “funneled into the effort by Everytown” and another group identified as Independence USA. The National Rifle Association, meanwhile, spent $6.5 million in an attempt to defeat the measure, The Trace said.

Up in Maine, where a similar proposition was defeated 52-48 percent, Everytown shelled out $6.5 million, while the NRA spent $949,359. Americans for Responsible Solution reportedly spent another $454,459, The Trade reported.

Out in California, Proposition 63, which requires background checks to purchase ammunition, the state Democratic Party spent $1.1 million. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2014 campaign reportedly spent another $727,564. The NRA, meanwhile, spent $95,000 to oppose it, while a trio of state gun groups reportedly spent another $133,000. The measure passed.

An “extreme risk protection order” initiative, funded by the same people who spent more than $10 million two years ago to pass the first of these “background check” initiatives, passed in Washington State. Wealthy Seattle-area elitists Nick Hanauer ($790,000), Steve Ballmer ($500,000) and Paul Allen ($250,000) joined their money with Everytown’s $550,000 and another $250,000 from Americans for Responsible Solutions to pass this new initiative. NRA and other gun groups didn’t spend any money to fight this one. But it might be challenged in court.

Anti-gunners with deep pockets have decided to spend big bucks to buy elections. Money is the weapon, and for people with billions in the bank, the sky is the limit.

But here’s the proverbial rub: Fox News recently reported on a new study by some people at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health that suggested strict background check laws “may actually hamper the ability to easily transfer a gun temporarily to reduce suicide risk.” The research was published in the Nov. 14 JAMA Internal Medicine.

This got the attention of gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation. Earlier this year, Gottlieb championed a suicide prevention and intervention effort that became law in the Evergreen State. He was also a chief opponent of the “universal background check” initiative passed in Washington in 2014.

How ironic that a strict background check requirement pushed by anti-gunners as a scheme to prevent “gun violence” now might actually make it tougher to prevent a suicide.

Justice Alito Hints At More GUn Cases Before High Court

Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, speaking recently before the Federalist Society in Washington, D.C., suggested that with Donald Trump in the White House, the next appointment to the high court may be another conservative, and that could open the door for another gun case “in the coming years.”

Second Amendment activists want the court to define the right to bear arms. The court still hasn’t spelled out that thorny issue.

The Outdoor Wire noted recently that some 300 Obama-appointed “anti-gun” judges will remain on the lower courts for many years, due to lifetime appointments. That may be Barack Obama’s “legacy.”

If Trump nominates more conservative judges to fill the vacancies in the lower courts, that could balance things out a bit. Trump takes office Jan. 20, 2017.

Don’t tangle with the elderly, they may have you outgunned

Crooks in Georgia and Pennsylvania got a hard lesson in aging recently, and while three wound up in jail, a fourth ended up in the morgue.

Reports from the Associated Press and WSB-TV news noted that two men and a woman were arrested after the men made the mistake of entering a Georgia home belonging to 78-year-old Elaine Stiehl. She was in no mood to be burglarized.

The reports said the two men suddenly became track stars when Stiehl loaded up a handgun and confronted the pair. They jumped into an SUV driven by a woman and made tracks, but not for long. Police stopped them on Interstate 85.

Surprise of surprises: the reports said the cops found two guns in the car, and one of them had been stolen in another state. They also recovered fur coats and power tools. As it turned out, one of the trio was a convicted felon, and he was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. They all got to participate in the jail food taste test.

Up in the Keystone State, a fellow identified as Franklin Schrout apparently rode a bicycle up to the Uniontown home of an unidentified 81-year-old, who was caring for his bedridden sister. The apparent plan was to rob the old guy. That was a big “oops.”

Turns out the old gent had a .22-caliber handgun that he had never fired. It had gathered dust on the nightstand for some 30 years, according to WPXI News, but it went “BANG!” when it had to.

The report said Schrout wrestled with the old fellow, who got off a single shot. He made it outside, but that was it. Police found him lying dead when they arrived. The investigation was turned over to the District Attorney’s office.

Yes, There Is A Border Problem

For those who argue that there is no problem on the border, the Media Research Center’s MRC-TV revealed that in October, the Customs and Border Protection agency apprehended more than 46,000 people crossing the southern border illegally.

This number included more than 13,000 “members of family units” and another 6,754 “unaccompanied children,” the report said.

October’s tally exceeded last May’s reported apprehensions of more than 40,000 people, which was the heaviest month of FY 2016. We are now in FY2017, and October’s number amounted to 118 percent of the captures in October 2015, the report said.

At last report, immigration officials were holding some 41,000 illegal aliens in detention centers, MRC-TV noted.








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