Considering the size and chambering of the NAA, I decided to keep my testing distances for it realistic — namely 5 yards. This is a tiny revolver designed for “bad breath” distance, so this seemed pretty reasonable to me.

I ran about 50 rounds of the Speer ammo through the gun for accuracy and found it gave me pretty consistent 1.5" groups with a few fliers at this distance, hitting about 4" below point of aim with the miniscule sights. Out of curiosity, I chronographed the Speer ammo as well as some .22 LR 40-gr. Federal Gold Medal with the secondary cylinder, with the LR running about 800 fps and the magnum about 150 fps faster. This is not an insignificant difference in velocity and seemed to make it worth the added noise and recoil of the .22 Mag. ammo.

I also tried out the CCI MaxiMag Shotshells, which packs 52 grains of #12 shot. I discovered real fast this was a very short-range proposition out of the stubby barrel of the NAA. I started at 3 yards and soon discovered a mere few feet was the optimal range for this load out of the NAA. If you want to take out a snake with this one, you better plan on
getting close!