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By Tank Hoover

When you only do one thing day in and day out, you tend to do it right, along with doing it better than anyone else, too. This is what ELEY has been doing for the past 190 years, making .22 rimfire ammunition. Think they might have learned a thing or two in all that time? I do …

Producing the world’s most accurate ammunition for world-class shooters is what ELEY does. High specification components are used for each batch of ammo produced, loaded on precision machines built by ELEY’s engineers. This in-house expertise keeps things running reliably and smoothly.

Every bullet is cold formed from a single punch and die for consistency and checked electronically for ballistic verification and tolerances. Statistical techniques ensure cartridge case lengths are the same, providing consistent combustion and thermal decomposition of each grain of powder upon ignition.

In 1979, ELEY developed the only dry priming system in the world for unchallenged consistency, safety and accuracy.


All that scientific talk is just a fancy way of saying ELEY makes great ammunition! ELEY shooters have won more Olympic medals than all other .22LR manufacturers combined. Four out of six gold medalists used ELEY .22LR in the 2016 Olympics. Wow! Now there’s proof in the puddin’!

Shooting ELEY contact .22LR

I shot the ELEY contact rec pak: 300 rounds of fun packed in six 50-round boxes. I shot it in a Ruger 10-22 and a scoped Ruger Hunter Single-Six. Shooting at 25 yards, I was impressed with the accuracy. My 10-22 cycled without a hitch with nary a misfire in both guns.

Accuracy was basically “ragged hole” performance in both guns in a “connect the dots” sort of way. Needless to say, I was impressed.


ELEY contact .22LR is listed as being a subsonic round designed specifically to cycle through semi-auto guns with minimal report or recoil. Its 42-grain round-nose projectiles are paraffin wax coated and provide greater downrange energy with their heavier weight. Velocity is listed at 1,090 fps. The rec pack comes with six 50-round boxes with each round stacked in a protected partitioned carrier. The MSRP for a 300-round rec pak is $59.99.

For further info, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/eley-ammunition/

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