Exclusive: Ed Brown Magazine Trade-In


Ed Brown

Ed Brown Products arguably makes one of the best 1911’s on the market. For over 40 years, Ed Brown has been a competitor, tool and die maker and world-renowned gunsmith. He believes the model 1911 is the finest fighting handgun ever designed. It’s this esteem that drives Ed Brown to make the finest 1911 possible. It has been his life goal to do so.

Ed Brown Products was founded in 1988. The Brown family personally supervises all aspects and phases of production for their 1911’s. Parts are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Ed Brown

Magazine Program

Ed Brown and his crew have come up with a unique angle for us 1911 lovers. By sending in your sorry, worn out, broken, unreliable 1911 magazine of any brand, along with a sawbuck* ($10 for you youngsters) you’ll receive a brand new Ed Brown magazine. How simple is that? What a great deal to keep your pet 1911’s fed reliably and without worry while introducing you to the quality Ed Brown Products is known for. *Black Nitride Ed Brown magazines are $15 with trade in.

Ed brown


The purpose of the program is to introduce and encourage a new customer base to experience the high performance and quality Ed Brown Products are famous for by offering magazines at such a great price. “Less profit, for a more affordable product” is the theme here. Once customers see how great the magazines are, the next natural step is to try other products.


Each 7+1 magazine is made of 100 percent stainless steel. High, tensile-strength springs are used in every magazine while the tube and fixed base are TIG welded and have a patented, flat-steel follower for reliable, consistent operation and slide lock-back. The tube is constructed of 0.025"-thick 410 stainless, which is heat-treated to an Rc of 35 for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

The 7+1 magazines come with two bumper pads for a 3-in-1 custom magazine. Keep the flat bottom base, mid-size bumper or full size competition bumper for a total of 3 different base styles.

The program also includes 8+1 magazines, although the bases are not welded on this style magazine and come with one bumper pad.

No Trade-In? No Problem!

You can simply buy a magazine for $19.95. This is a limited time offer, so you better hurry and order yours today.
Ed Brown Products, Ph: (573) 565-3261.