Kahr’s ‘Fallen Officer’ Program Donates Customized Gun for Fund Raising


Kahr Arms last year launched a program that strikes Insider Online as one of those “right things to do” for the men and women of law enforcement and their families as a reminder that good guys with guns stand behind good guys (and gals) with badges.

Kahr Arms

It’s the Fallen Officer program, designed to honor fallen officers and raise money for their families in the process. Under this program, Kahr will donate a Thin Blue Line model PM9 pistol customized with the name of the fallen officer on the side of the slide, and his or her badge number and “end of watch” date engraved on the top.
According to a news release from Kahr, “The gun can then be used to raise money for the family or remain with the family as a keepsake.”
Kahr is now accepting applications, which are available to the officer’s law enforcement agency, or to family or friends of the fallen officer.
In the company’s announcement, Jodi DePorter, director of marketing for the Kahr Firearms Group, stated, “Kahr Firearms Group has made it a priority to continue to show support to the brave law enforcement officers who serve and protect us and their families. We are proud to offer the Kahr Arms Fallen Officer Program again this year in an effort to help the families of those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.”
The Thin Blue Line PM9 model’s slide is finished in Armor Black Cerakote, while other exposed metal surfaces are blacked out, and there is a blue line that circles around the slide. The pistol has TruGlo Tactical Night Sights, and it comes with two flush-fit six-round magazines and an extended seven-rounder, and all three are also blackened for concealed carry.
By no small coincidence, Insider Online found the announcement of this program extension in our INBOX on the day that a Washington State sheriff’s deputy was laid to rest. Ryan Thompson, a veteran of the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Department, was gunned down by a man who was in this country illegally, years after his work visa had expired.
But Washington is a “sanctuary state,” a fact that Gov. Jay Inslee, one of the many Democrats running to be the next president, claims to be proud of. Inslee took some heat from KIRO Radio midday host Dori Monson in a blistering column published at http://MyNorthwest.com.
For an application, send an email to: http://[email protected]

Zombies In The Heartland Match Looms

If you hate zombies like we hate zombies, you will be pleased to know that our good friends at Hornady will wage war in the Heartland against the walking dead May 31 to June 2 with a 3-Gun match at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island.
According to the official announcement by Hornady, “Shooters have spoken and want MORE ZOMBIES, so the match directors plan to accommodate their wishes with a fun shooting event that promises to be memorable for everyone from beginner to expert.”
How does someone become an expert zombie stopper? It takes a lot of shooting, evidently, and quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek, as is evident in this passage from the Zombies In The Heartland website:

zombie text

This year, a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) division has been added, so that shooters using AR-15 style firearms chambered for pistol calibers including 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP can participate in their own class.
There’s also a new two-gun division in which the PCC can be used in place of a rifle or pistol.
Past competitors have been registering since Feb. 9, and general registration opened Feb. 13. The annual attendance, according to Hornady, has risen to more than 400 shooters and the event has sold out every year. Shooters come from all over the country and even from other countries.
The Heartland Public Shooting Park is operated by the Grand Island Parks and Recreation Department.

This match has its own website: https://www.zombiesintheheartland.com and you can find even more fun at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZombiesInTheHeartland

They Think You Give Guns Back

It’s not clear where the Maine Gun Safety Coalition—a gun control group disguised as something else—got the idea that a “Gun Giveback Program” in cooperation with police departments in at least nine communities on May 11 is a good idea.
It will probably get some headlines, but will it prevent any violent crimes? More people get murdered on some weekends in Chicago than are killed during an entire year in Maine. According to the 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Report, in 2017, there were 23 homicides in Maine. A dozen of those involved firearms. Four involved handguns and the other eight involved unidentified firearms.
The program is aimed at getting people to turn in “old or unwanted firearms in a safe and legal manner.” You mean like this old gun?


Kahr Arms last year launched a program that strikes Insider Onlineas one of those “right things to do” for the men and women of law enforcement and their families as a reminder that good guys with guns stand behind good guys (and gals) with badges.

What is astonishing about this enterprise is that the sponsors aren’t even offering to buy the guns “back,” as if some government agency ever owned the guns in the first place. No, this is a “give back” program.
According to the Bangor Daily News, Gorham Police Chief Dan Jones said all surrendered guns will be “broken down by metal workers” and shipped to a metal forging outfit in Colorado called Raw Tools, where they will be turned into garden tools.
Those tools will be shipped back to Maine, where they will be sold at law enforcement events. Proceeds from those sales go to Raw Tools and to the Gun Safety Coalition’s free trigger lock project.
In addition to Gorham, participating police agencies are in Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland, Wells and Yarmouth.

He’s Going To Have Plenty Of Time To Pay

Wave goodbye to a career criminal identified by the Las Vegas Review Journal as Gregory Ganci, who will be spending the rest of his life in the slammer for having led a life of crime that came to an abrupt and painful halt on the day before he was sentenced.
District Judge Doug Smith put Ganci in a safe place, considering what happened to him 24 hours before he stood before the bench. Believe it or not, this guy escaped from custody the day before, but he got only as far as where police bullets stopped him.
He wasn’t permanently perforated, so he was able to make it into the courtroom where the judge handed Ganci five consecutive life terms for an armed robbery last April 16.
By no surprise, when Ganci came to court, he was not only hurting from being shot, he was shackled, his hands were covered by “protective mittens” and a couple of cops had a firm grip on his blue jumpsuit. He wasn’t going anywhere, like he did the day before.
According to the newspaper account, Ganci managed to escape custody, steal a pickup truck with which he hit several cars at a busy intersection, and then he reached downtown Las Vegas where his stolen rig ran out of gas. Still, one officer capped off three rounds at the truck, and Ganci took a bullet to the shoulder, though he apparently showed no signs of being hit when he got to court.
Judge Smith was showing no sympathy for Ganci, telling him, “It’s time you pay.”






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