NRA annual meetings this weekend in Indy

Trump opens with Forum appearance

It’s official, as the National Rifle Association opens its 148th annual meetings and exhibits in Indianapolis, President Donald Trump is going to deliver the keynote speech at Friday’s annual Leadership Forum, and Insider Online will be there.

“Donald Trump is the most enthusiastic supporter of the Second Amendment to occupy the Oval Office in our lifetimes. It is truly an honor to have President Trump address NRA members for the fifth consecutive year,” said Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “President Trump’s Supreme Court appointments ensure that the Second Amendment will be respected for generations to come. Our members are excited to hear him speak and thank him for his support for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”


President Donald Trump, shown here during his appearance at the NRA convention in 2018, will visit the group again Friday in Indianapolis. Dave Workman photo

For Trump, this makes the third visit in a row after gun owners helped in critical states to put his Electoral College numbers over the top, surprising everyone including Hillary Rodham Clinton and her media cheerleaders. Until Trump won in 2016, it had been a very long time since a president had visited with the NRA at its annual convention. He was in Atlanta and Dallas, and now Indy.

The Friday (today!) event runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Lucas Oil Stadium, and Trump will likely have company. Other dignitaries typically show up at the Leadership Forum, and keep in perspective that Vice President Mike Pence was once governor of Indiana, and represented the state in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Since Trump took the White House, he has appointed two conservative associate justices to the U.S. Supreme Court—Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh—and the high court has accepted at least one Second Amendment case from New York. That’s a good sign, and perhaps a good omen that the court may now be accepting gun rights cases, which would be long overdue since it has been nine years since the court ruled affirmatively in McDonald v. City of Chicago, a Second Amendment Foundation case.

He has also made several appointments to the lower federal courts, even bringing some balance to the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Expectations are for a big turnout of gun owners at the Indy convention. We’ll know in a few days if those forecasts are accurate.

Turnbull Ruger

New Venture: Turnbull Finished Services

Turnbull recently opened a new arm of the company, Turnbull Finished Services, and the idea is already appealing to owners of modern firearms who want their new guns to look just like the historic firearms for which restorations from Turnbull are legendary.

According to a news release, CEO and founder Doug Turnbull explained, “We get a lot of customers asking if we can customize their new pistol or rifle. The idea of Turnbull Finished Services is to make that possible and more affordable.”

We’ve all seen Turnbull’s work, producing handsome finishes on firearms using the company’s unique bone charcoal case coloring. That makes any gun to which it is applied very special, and something of an heirloom.

The finishing process is available for several Ruger handguns, and for a couple of Marlin lever-action rifle models.

It’s Ladies Only For These Sig Sauer Academy Courses

There’s good news for women looking for an “exclusive” training opportunity from the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire.

The academy has announced a Women’s Concealed Carry course addition to this year’s course schedule.

As explained in a Sig Sauer press release, “For women the decision to carry is a lifestyle choice, and the proper training for self-defense is necessary to gain confidence when it’s time to react.”

According to Sig Sauer, the curriculum was written and designed by female instructors, experienced police officers and private citizens. It covers carrying guns as part of a lifestyle, from choosing the right sidearm to selecting the right clothing. Students learn to draw from concealment, how to utilize cover and concealment and more.

One weekend course has already been held, but there’s another scheduled Aug. 22-23 and Nov. 15-16 (in what city/state?).


Get A grip!

The folks at Pachmayr are right proud of their newest aftermarket grips for Model 1911 pistols.

Enter the Pachmayr Alume Series grips by Raffir. They are seriously eye-catching, with six color schemes available including Dark Knight (black), Copper Canyon (brown), Blue Storm (blue), Crimson Wave (red), and Emerald Rush (green).

What makes these grips special is how Raffir combines an aluminum mesh with translucent epoxy resin. The finished product is polished to a high gloss, and they are impervious to changing weather condition and cleaning chemicals.

According to Trevor Mullen, vice president of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products—of which Pachmayr is a major component—“The depth and patterns Raffir achieves in their Alume products is truly amazing. The Pachmayr Alume grips are the ultimate bling for your treasured 1911, but don’t be fooled, these beauties are virtually indestructible.”

The MSRP is $99.98.

Can This Guy Read Minds Or What?

Evidently you can’t sneak anything past a man identified as Jay Maria Christensen, sacked back in 2016 in the city of Puyallup, a suburb of Tacoma, Wash., for armed robbery and a list of other things.

When he was finally brought to court, he reportedly told Pierce County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Nelson, “I know I’m going to get a lot of time.”

Could he read the judge’s mind, or what? Christensen, 39, was popped for first-degree robbery, two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, obstructing, eluding police, second-degree assault and two counts of unlawful possession of a short-barreled shotgun, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

He contritely told the judge that he “messed up.” The Judge Nelson agreed with his assessment.

This all stems from an October 2016 caper at a Denny’s restaurant.

Maybe it was the fact that Christensen threatened to kill restaurant customers. Or maybe it was his high-speed flight, in a vehicle driven by another person that sealed his fate.

Christensen may be lucky to be alive. The newspaper account said he had been shot in the head by a Puyallup police officer after the getaway car crashed and he tried to take the driver hostage.

For all of that, the judge gave him 34 ½ years in the Graybar Hotel.