Pass all the laws you a want, people will keep killing
each other


House Democrats determined to make their idea of Utopia a reality recently passed a sweeping gun control measure that needs a bit of analysis and perspective, neither of which anti-gunners seem to possess to any great degree.

gun with lock

Lock up all the guns of law-abiding citizens and people will still harm one another, criminals will still get guns and anti-gunners will want to pass more laws. (Dave Workman photo)

Before Capitol Hill gun prohibitionists and their cheerleaders get too giddy, a little study of the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which is published annually every September, might be in order. A quick look at the data reveals something that gun owners figured out ages ago.

Pass all the gun control laws you want. The data shows that people will keep killing each other as they have done throughout history. Long before firearms ever came along in the course of human development, our ancestors became rather skilled at killing one another. They just did it more up close and personal with stones or clubs, swords or knives, or with bows and arrows, slings and rocks, spears and whatever other kind of implement they could throw together.

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2017, the most recent year for which data is available, tells the tale. That year, 15,129 people were murdered, the FBI data says. Of those, 10,982 were slain with firearms, which is nothing to be proud of, but 1,591 other folks were stabbed fatally, another 467 were beaten to death with blunt objects and 692 were stomped, choked or pounded with fists into eternity.

There’s an interesting regional breakdown contained in the FBI report. In 2017, guns were the most popular murder weapon across the map, but with this breakdown:

• In the Northeast, guns accounted for 67 percent of the slayings
• In the Midwest, guns were used in 76.3 percent of murders
• Down south the data was a close match with guns used in 76.0 percent of killings
• In the West, guns accounted for 65.7 percent of murders.

Now, in the Northeast and out West, lethal stabbings accounted for 14.5 percent of all the murders in both regions. Knives were used in only 7.5 percent of slayings in the Midwest and 8.8 percent of the killings down south.

Now break out your pocket calculators and run some numbers. There are, by some estimates, somewhere north of 350 million guns in the United States, and that might be a conservative guess. The 10,982 used in homicides amount to a fraction of a fraction of all of those firearms that were used to harm anybody.

Even if you add the number of armed robberies (there were an estimated 319,356 robberies in 2017 of which many involved firearms), plus at least some of the 135,755 reported rapes and many of the 810,825 aggravated assaults in the FBI report, you still are dealing with a fraction of all the firearms now in private ownership.

Seattle’s Textbook Example

Into the middle of this discussion enters one Jeremiah Crouch, a man described by Seattle’s KIRO Eyewitness News—the local CBS affiliate—as a “repeat felon.”

Mr. Crouch was recently bagged by Seattle’s finest and charged with robbing a convenience store on Queen Anne Hill on Feb. 18 at knifepoint. The 39-year-old recidivist had reportedly been involved in a previous theft only ten days before, yet this guy was not in jail.

Insider Knife

As this case demonstrates, when bad guys can’t get guns, they will use knives, though not likely a high-quality model like this Spyderco, unless they can steal one! (Dave Workman)

Seattle is a hotbed of anti-gun activism, the home of a billionaire-supported gun prohibition lobbying organization called the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility.” And, according to merchants who complain about the crime rate in this “progressive” city that entertains notions of “safe injection sites” for drug addicts and is a so-called “sanctuary city,” the criminal justice system is broken.

Crouch, according to KIRO, has been convicted of more than two dozen theft cases along with “a long list of other convictions” over the past 18 years. He has been booked 71 times since 2000, and—are you sitting down—there were reportedly “at least 130 warrants for failing to appear” in his criminal history.

With people like this running around, why do Seattle liberals insist that law-abiding citizens be forced to jump through an increasing number of bureaucratic hoops simply to exercise a right guaranteed by both the federal and Washington state constitutions? It might be guys like Crouch who cause honest citizens to want guns in the first place.

Don’t Bring BB Gun To A Gunfight

When two guys approached a legally-armed Allentown, Pa., man and attempted what apparently was an armed robbery, one of them learned the hard way to never take a BB gun to a gunfight.

According to WFMZ, the armed citizen was first struck in the face and was also sprayed with pepper spray or mace before he grabbed his gun and fired one shot. That was all it took to fatally wound the man with the BB pistol, identified as Shane Gesnaker.

Police reportedly arrested two suspects, identified as Andrew Eberts and Kaitlin Acierno. They were reportedly charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

By some estimates, there are as many as 17.5 million citizens licensed to carry in the United States, and that number creeps higher with each passing month. The armed citizen had a permit to carry, and police reportedly said his actions were justified.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2017, that year saw 353 justifiable homicides by private citizens. Of that number 299 involved the use of firearms, and the majority were handguns.


Data Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2017

This number has crept upward over the past several years, as noted by the FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics (inset) for the years 2013-2017, found in the most recent edition available.