Safely Practice With Your Gun

Barrel Blok Makes It Possible

You can train with a blue gun or a red gun but it won’t be your gun.

But when you do non-shooting training drills with your gun — a real gun — you’re constantly checking to make sure it is safe. Unloaded. Wait a minute; making sure again. Unloaded, right? Yes.

A handful of tools have entered the marketplace to help shooters know, for sure, if a gun is unloaded and therefore safe. The one you see here — Barrel Blok — ensures a gun is unloaded but also prevents a round from being chambered. Moreover, you can set up your gun’s magazine to function in your Barrel Blok’d gun so you can do magazine training as well. It’s a simple concept: block the barrel and demonstrate that it is so but still allow the gun to function as if it is a loaded gun. Here’s how it looks and works:

Barrel Blok comes in caliber-specific models. This one's a 9mm and I've got it inserted in
an Honor Guard Honor Defense pistol. Just put it in as far as you can and let the slide snap
shut on it. Barrel blocked. And the protrusion out the muzzle lets you know the gun is unable
to be fired and unable to chamber a round.

Here's the gun, fully in battery (but not really), with the protrusion telling the story. By the way,
you trim the protrusion to whatever length makes sense for your training — holster clearance, etc.

Barrel Blok comes with MagBlok dummy rounds for your gun's magazine. Insert these with the
open end up, put the magazine in your gun, and — with the Barrel Blok installed — you can train
using drills which include racking the slide and squeezing the trigger. The rounds do not feed —
they can't go anywhere, anyway — but they do allow the slide to function. Do not load any real
cartridges before, during, or after installing a MagBlok. Make sure the magazine is free of all
live/real rounds before doing any of this.

Here's a view of the Barrel Blok with a MagBlok in place. This gun is perfectly safe,
able to be used safely in training, and anyone who sees it will know it.

Barrel Blok comes in a variety of calibers. The 9mm kit retails for $12.99. Ready to start safer training with your gun?

Learn more about Barrel Blok.