Gear Spotlight: Everyday Carry Accessories


Want less stress in your life? Try rational preparation. No, you don’t need to clean out local military surplus stores preparing for ill-tempered space aliens or zombies that just won’t listen.

Instead, think about how you can go about your daily life, supplementing reasonable strategies with basic everyday carry gear. Here are some ideas from American Handgunner’s editorial staff.

Streamlight Stylus PRO USB Penlight

The Streamlight Stylus PRO is, quite literally, pen-sized, yet packs a wallop. The high mode beams 350 lumens for up to 1.5 hours while the power-saving low mode cranks out 90 lumens for 3.5 hours. A double tap of the tailcap switch changes the power mode. The same pushbutton operates in either momentary “on” mode with a lighter touch, or you can press to a full click to engage the light until you want it off.

It’s rechargeable! The charging port is under the sliding lens cover, helping keep the stylus water resistant. You can carry this one like any other pen.

Spyderco Ikuchi

Spyderco’s ultra-slim Ikuchi folder has an elegantly curved handle crafted with full, skeletonized stainless steel liners and carbon fiber/ G10 laminate scales. Closed, the handle’s narrow, open-backed profile completely contains the knife’s 3.26″ blade except for a small textured section of the tang. Stroking this section of the blade with an index finger or thumb provides leverage to swiftly pivot it into the open position, where it locks securely with Spyderco’s Compression Lock mechanism. The satin-finished CPM S30V stainless steel blade is full-flat ground and has an acute, scalpel-like point for detailed work.

Blue Force Gear Double Pistol Belt Pouch

A magazine carrier is a magazine carrier, right? Nope. The Pistol Belt Pouches from Blue Force Gear, available in single and double configurations, brings flexibility to a new level.

The pouches are soft, made from a material called ULTRAcomp. Think elastic, but orders of magnitude tougher. The inherent flex in the material allows one-size-fits-everything use for single- or double-stack magazines, or anything else. There is no “memory effect,” so you can carry something thin one day and thick the next without loss of tension. I like the Double Pistol Pouch model because it offers the flexibility to carry other items like a flashlight, multi-tool or even car keys.

Benchmade 1100 Tactical Pen

A tactical pen defines the term “everyday carry.” As a common object that won’t raise eyebrows virtually anywhere, it’s something you can take with you — all the time.

The Benchmade 1100 offers the same durability you’ve come to expect from the leading knife maker. It’s constructed from aluminum, measures 5.1″ long (closed) and weighs just 1.3 oz. It’s a multipurpose device, sturdy enough to use as a force multiplier or glass breaker should the need arise.

It also makes a great … pen. Unlike other tactical “pens” this one uses a quality ink cartridge from Fisher Space Pens so it’s capable of writing just about anywhere.

TOPS Knives 3 Pointer

Another superb knife, the 3 Pointer from TOPS, is an excellent EDC, fishing, camping and hunting knife. And it has carry options aplenty — it comes with beta loop straps and a neck chain so it can be worn multiple ways. For a personalized look, it’s available with black canvas or tan canvas handles and is offered skeletonized. It’s large enough to handle a small buck (like a 3 Pointer, for example) as well as small game, fish and fowl, but is also easily employed with chores around the house or garage.

POM Clip

true, last resort, lethal option. If a confrontation can be solved or avoided without resorting to gunfire, it’s always the best choice for all involved.

POM offers OC spray in a variety of convenient and portable packages. The “Clip” model weighs just 0.5 oz., and features an integral clip, allowing attachment to cloths, bags or sporting gear. The flip top is easy to activate and helps protect against inadvertent discharge. One Clip gets you 10 seconds of 10% OC.

FENIX PD36R Rechargeable Light

The Fenix PD36R features an internal rechargeable power source, so no batteries are required — ever. The included USB Type C cable connects to most any standard power source: laptops, phone chargers or 12-volt car systems. Depending on which brightness level you choose, you’ll get between just under three hours to a whopping 115 hours of continuous use.

On its Turbo setting, you’re pumping out a whopping 1,600 lumens of light, translating to a beam of light reaching out to just shy of three football fields. A brass button up front cycles through the power levels. Eco mode produces an indoor-friendly 30 lumens, low 150 lumens, medium 350 and high 800. By holding the selection button for a half second, you can also select a disorienting strobe mode, useful for self-defense applications. The 5,000 mAh battery will take just about four hours to charge.

Spartan Enyo

We chose the Enyo as an EDC companion knife because it can be carried in a pocket, inside a waistband or around your neck. When it comes to everyday cutting tasks, the Enyo is always up to the challenge. Thanks to its fixed drop-point design, the strength of the blade is carried forward into the tip.

Included is a form-fitted Kydex sheath, stainless steel neck chain, IWB loop and 2-feet paracord for a variety of convenient EDC options. This handcrafted everyday carry knife also includes a lanyard with a plated pewter Spartan helmet beat.

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