The Belt

Now and again a reader will call, upset about the holster they bought, sometimes after reading about it in Handgunner. “It just doesn’t work,” is a common sentiment. The first thing I ask is: “Is the belt you’re wearing designed as a pistol belt, or is it some off-the-rack belt you bought at Wal-Mart made of genuine pleather?” When there is a long pause on the other end of the line, I know the answer.

The belt is the most important part of the carry system. The belt is like the foundation of your house. If there’s cheap materials in the foundation, the house will eventually crumble. Do your research and invest in a belt specifically built for carrying a gun. If you are an inside-the-waistband fan, get a belt a little longer than normal and buy your pants an inch bigger in the waist — it makes all the difference.