Happy New Year, but Hold onto Your Constitution


We made it through another one, but now things are going to get a lot more interesting.

Virginia’s General Assembly is now firmly controlled by anti-gun Democrats, who may or may not have backed away from all the threatened gun control measures they tossed out in November after winning the majority in Richmond. Gov. Ralph Northam has already made his gun control agenda public, resulting in dozens of counties declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

Virginia State flag

Social media has been sprinkled with discussions about whether a new civil war is about to erupt. That war has already started, but with lots of shouting not shooting. One member of Congress from Virginia reportedly suggested Northam could call up the National Guard to enforce gun control laws this year if county sheriffs won’t.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has scheduled a “Lobby Day” in Richmond on Jan. 20, starting at 8 a.m. That’s liable to be an interesting event.

At the other end of the country, a recall effort has been launched against Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. This campaign is separate from an unenforceable online petition calling for Ferguson’s impeachment along with anti-gun Gov. Jay Inslee, for telling voters their proposed 2020 restrictions.

Guns and rights are going to be hot issues this year. Gun control (not “gun reform” or “gun safety” or “gun responsibility”) will be campaign issues. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg launched a video attack on Donald Trump just before the holidays asserting that since Trump became president nearly three years ago there have been 263 “school shootings.” That figure is questionable at best.

It’s an election year, and the legislatures and Congress will soon be in session.

Now that’s ‘gun control’

A suspect identified by the Tri-City Herald in south-central Washington State as Alfredo V. Cabebe may be looking at a long stretch behind bars if he is convicted in the attempted armed robbery on the streets of Richland, but that’s better than what nearly happened to him.

The newspaper account said Cabebe pulled a gun on another man about midnight on Nov. 11. It was a big “oops” moment, because the intended victim fought back with his own handgun. Cabebe ended up with a bullet wound that put him in the hospital.

This was no routine caper, however, because the alleged robber had help from a couple of teens who dropped him at the hospital after apparently tossing his crime gun into some bushes. Not to worry, Richland police found that gatt — a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol.

Cabebe allegedly approached a man identified as Marnicus Collins, demanding money. He then struck Collins in the face with the handgun, who then opened fire, hitting the suspect at least once in the course of firing several shots.

The two teens were found in the hospital parking garage with the suspect’s wife.

Not that it matters, but Washington State has the highest number of concealed pistol licenses of any state in the West except Utah. Roughly one in 10 adults is legally licensed to carry, raising the odds considerably for would-be robbers that they will eventually make a fatal error in the victim selection process.

Washington is also the smallest state in the continental western U.S., with about 7.6 million residents.

Cabebe could be in big trouble because, if convicted, he will be on his way back to prison, from whence he was released last April after doing a stretch for robbery and burglary convictions. The newspaper said he had “at least 13 prior felonies in Washington” and that means he can’t legally own or possess a firearm.

Washington is the home of the original “Three Strikes” law. We’ll be watching this one.

NAS Pensacola main gate

Pensacola pilots want to pack

Following the Dec. 6 shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola that left three victims dead along with the foreign national who killed them, Fox News and other news agencies reported several Navy pilots had requested to carry sidearms on base.

While some in the Pentagon appear to be shuffling their feet and playing the stall, the media has gotten hold of this story. It could become a political hot potato, as the subject has been kicked around since the first Fort Hood mass shooting several years ago.

After all, a military base seems the most likely place to find people with guns. The residents are members of the armed forces, right? One of his victims was Ens. Joshua Kaleb Watson, who has been described by family and the media as an experienced marksman.

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, with the Saudi military, was at Pensacola for joint training. He killed three Navy personnel and wounded eight others before a county sheriff’s deputy fatally shot him.

Pelosi gets ‘Pinocchioed’

Pinocchio was a fictional character made famous in a Walt Disney cartoon movie about the wooden puppet who became a boy, but every time he told a lie, his nose would grow.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently called out by the Washington Post Fact checker for repeatedly using
bogus data regarding gun-related fatalities per day involving children and teens. (Screenshot, C-SPAN)

For many years, the Washington Post has run a “Fact Checker” column that uses Pinocchio images to illustrate whether someone has been caught fibbing. One Pinocchio amounts to a slap on the hand, while four equates to being a bald-faced liar.

The WaPo recently handed four of the little guys to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her repeated assertion that 100 people are killed every day with firearms, 47 of them being youngsters and teens.

The newspaper did some math. There’s no way Pelosi’s number could be correct, the WaPo determined. But inventing fake statistics for the sake of sensationalism is the stock in trade of the gun control crowd. They routinely combine deaths from homicides, suicides and accidents as victims of “gun violence” to create the impression there is a national bloodbath in progress.

Pelosi even repeated the calumny after her office was quizzed by the WaPo, and one of her aides tried to excuse her by saying she “misspoke.”

She evidently did a lot of misspeaking in 2019, repeating the lie at least four times. The WaPo headlined the story about this thusly: “Pelosi’s bogus talking point on gun deaths of children.”

“Gun violence is an important issue in the United States,” the newspaper’s Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler stated. “There’s no reason to goose the numbers for political purposes. Pelosi earns Four Pinocchios.”

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