A Bit Of Shooting

I made two “First Look” videos with the SA-35. A quick look on the day of release, then an extended one, shooting it fast and close, then for accuracy and at 70 yards. Along with other bench testing I did, the test gun seemed to deliver very reliable 1.25" to 1.5" groups at 20 yards. It seemed to like heavier ammo too, with the 147-grain sub-sonic HP loads chasing 1". I was able to easily keep shots on my torso gong out to 80 yards and even hit the 100-yard 14" square plate regular enough to be great fun. This gun is a shooter.

The trigger has a distinct re-set, and when I put a set of slim grips on the SA-35, I found fast, accurate shooting at torso targets out to 10 or even 15 yards was easy. A falling plate rack I have was just plain fun to shoot. I had forgotten how much it was to shoot this sort of “living history” — and digging out my old holsters and putting them back to work was great fun!