Pro-level Durability and Performance

If you’re like me (God help you) the first thing that crosses your mind upon seeing a reflex sight is durability. You ask yourself, “Is this thing going to stand up to the rigors of recoil and being banged around in my holster?”

The folks at SIG SAUER understand our worries and have brought a new level of reliability and performance to the mini-red dot sight market with the next iteration of the popular ROMEO1 — the ROMEO1PRO.

Professional Durability

Working with law enforcement and military nation- and worldwide, SIG knows how to produce rugged products and the ROMEO1PRO is no different.

Using an aircraft grade aluminum housing, the open-reflex optic is corrosion resistant in even the harshest of environments and can be further shielded with a provided protective steel shroud.

The precision-molded aspheric lens has also been improved with high-performance coatings for superior light transmittance and zero distortion, making for fast, deliberate target acquisition and accuracy through the 30mm objective lens.

A TruHold Lockless Zeroing System also ensures consistent zero shot after shot by utilizing twin adjustment springs designed to withstand recoil.

Professional Performance

Another common concern of reflex sights is being able to see the reticle in broad daylight.

SIG SAUER again has us covered with an upgraded point-source emitter providing increased reticle brightness in day and night conditions with 12 brightness settings — 10 daytime and two night — for 3 and 6 MOA models.

A Motion Activated Illumination System powers on the red dot when it senses motion and powers down when stationary, aiding its already impressive 20,000-hour battery life. The ROMEO1PRO takes one CR1632 battery and can be accessed from atop the optic for easy replacement even when mounted.


While measuring a hair slimmer than the original at 31.7mm wide, the ROMEO1PRO is slightly longer at 46.5mm. As such, the new PRO model will not fit slides cut to accept the ROMEO1.

However, the ROMEO1PRO is capable of mounting to any pistol with a SIG SAUER PRO slide cut, including the P320-M17, P320 XFULL, P320 XCARRY, P320 XCOMPACT, P320 XVTAC and P320 XFIVE Legion, as well as PRO-Cut Slide Assemblies.

Available in black and FDE finishes, the ROMEO1PRO has SIG SAUER Electro-Optics’ Infinite Guarantee and 5-year limited component warranty. MSRP is $449.99 for black models, $469.99 for FDE.

If you’re looking for a tough reflex sight for your SIG, the ROMEO1PRO is the pro way to go.

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