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July/August 2024 Issue



X FluxDefense

The Raider X is a micro PDW for the SIG P320. It is intended as an option between a handgun and a rifle. With the speed, maneuverability and concealability of a handgun combined with the capacity and stability of a carbine, it offers greater capability when a rifle is too large to bring with you. MSRP: $539.99 to $648.99. For more info:

Tremor Automatic Knife

Telum Tactical

Telum Tactical’s Tremor Automatic Knife features a 3.5″ S35V satin-finished blade with a full hollow grind. With a contoured G10 handle and a stainless steel bolster, it can be fully opened with the simple push of a button to release its coil spring. Measuring 4.5″ when closed, the Tremor is finished with a reversible tip-up design pocket clip. MSRP: $174.99. For more info: (844) 471-4868,

Range Defender

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters‘ Range Defender is a multi-firearm, multi-magazine case that keeps handguns and magazines securely stowed for safe transportation to and from the range. Constructed of a rugged, all-weather ballistic polyester shell with padded interior panels, the Range Defender is unlike conventional soft-side pistol cases that allow contents to shift and slide around. MSRP: $89.95. For more info: (888) 732-5011,

R3D 2.0 Tritium Night Sights

XS Sights

XS Sights is now offering the new and improved R3D 2.0 Tritium Night Sights for the Springfield Armory SA-35 pistol. These second-generation self-defense sights are available with a 0.145″ high-contrast green dual-illuminated Glow Dot front sight. Brighter, stronger and even easier to install than the original R3D models, the R3D 2.0 provides an edge in self-defense by getting you on target faster and more accurately in any light. MSRP: $137.49. For more info: (888) 744-4880,

.45-70 Guide Bullet

Northern Precision

Northern Precision has introduced a new line of hunting bullets designed especially for the .45-70 Marlin Guide Gun and similar lever action rifles. The .45-70 Guide Bullet is offered in 400-grain flat tip configuration. Its pure lead core is bonded to the jacket to prevent separation and retain nearly 100% of the core weight after expansion. Designed for professional guides, the bullets are recommended for moose and bear, and as a backup for shooting light calibers. MSRP: $150 per box of 50. For more info: (315) 955-8679,


Wilson Combat

The SFT9 is a double-stack 9mm handgun from Wilson Combat. It begins as a solid block of high quality T6-7075 Aluminum precision machined on computer-controlled machining centers to come up with a finished one-piece solid frame. It has a Commander-length slide and barrel hand-fitted with a 4¼” match-grade bushing-style barrel. Available with a light rail frame. MSRP: $3,160. For more info: (800) 955-4856,

Cross-Draw Sabre OWB Holster


Versacarry introduces the Cross-Draw Sabre OWB Holster to its Versatac Holster Line. The Sabre features a non-collapsible design, courtesy of the inlaid polymer embedded in the premium water buffalo leather. The holster sets itself apart with its cross-draw configuration and negative cant, allowing it to be comfortably worn on the left side of a right-handed user.
For more info: (979) 778-2000,

Rapid Force Mil-Spec Tactical Tan 499

Alien Gear Holsters

The Rapid Force Mil-Spec Tactical Tan 499 holster and accessory line by Alien Gear Holsters is crucial for military applications.

It is effective in avoiding detection from night vision devices, targeting systems and other surveillance tools. Features of the Tan 499 include military-grade camouflage and IR Neutral Technology. MSRP: $299 for the kit. For more info: (208) 215-2046,

Firearms Guide 14th Flash Drive Edition

Impressum Media LLC

The Firearms Guide 14th Flash Drive Edition is now on 32GB USB 3.0 flash drives. It’s about 12 times faster making it a great off-line resource. Access it directly from a lightning-fast flash drive with 100% privacy on any Windows computer. Published since 2009 for shooting industry professionals and gun enthusiasts, the Firearms Guide features over 80,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns and ammunition from 1,743 manufacturers from 62 countries. MSRP: $99.90 for a one-year subscription. For more info:

TRU-17 Magazine Base Pad

Radian Weapons

The TRU-17 Magazine Base Pad from Radian Weapons is a direct replacement part compatible with P365-XMACRO magazines. The design of the TRU-17 makes it easier to load the full 17 rounds into the magazine. The TRU-17 base pad adds weight to the bottom of the magazine, which in turn aids in dropping empty mags. MSRP: $69.95 for two. For more info: (503) 893-2987,

Gen III Draw Down Waist Pack

Condor Outdoor

The updated Gen III Draw Down Waist Pack has a sleeker design and increased storage capacity than the original. Ideal as a standalone fanny pack or attached to compatible plate carriers, this covert pack offers space for everyday essentials or tactical items. The loop-lined main compartment fits accessories like holsters, mag pouches and organizers. MSRP: $48.95. For more info: (800) 552-2554,

Taurus GX4 Graphene

Taurus USA

The Taurus GX4 Graphene blends high-performance with the strength and lightweight properties of graphene. Key features include a Serrated Drift Adjustable Steel Rear Sight, White Dot Steel Front Sight, Visual Loaded Chamber Indicator, DLC-Coated Barrel, Gray Graphene Finish and more. MSRP: $424.99. For more info: (229) 515-8464,

Counteract CCW Slingbag


The Counteract Slingbag from Viktos is built around a slide-out hook & loop tray for custom loadouts, multiple holster options and rapid access to your firearm. The ripstop chassis is weather- and stain-resistant and features magnetic break-away flaps for clean draws. Hook & loop panels allow attachment of a Hookie holster and spare magazine carrier. The Counteract series is designed by U.S. veterans and tested by CCW firearms trainers. MSRP: $85. For more info: (800) 597-7179,

Pecos Large Toothpick

American Buffalo

Part of American Buffalo Knife and Tool Co.’s Roper collection, the Pecos Large Toothpick is for everyday jobs that call for precision. Sporting a 3.25″ carbon steel toothpick blade, the knife folds down to 4″ for easy carrying in a pocket or holster. It’s constructed with stainless steel bolsters and a yellow Delrin handle for long-lasting performance. MSRP: $25.99. For more info: (423) 337-7423,

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