New cosmetic tweaks apply in the bang switch area too. The guard sports a squared off shape, presumably in a nod to complementing the grip and strap textures. Holster compatibility may vary depending on how tight a fit your model has in the trigger guard area. Keep in mind the Tri-Cut slide might have something to say about holster choice as well. Just check before ordering any new leather or Kydex.

The trigger itself is completely straight except for small top and bottom ridges to keep your finger pad centered. Like many of the new breed of 1911s, the trigger shoe itself is made from some nylon material.

As for operation, I measure about 3/16" of overall travel from pre-take-up through the break. Reset is crisp and my gauge measured the pull weight at a consistent 43/4 lbs. — perfectly nifty for a defensive pistol. It’s crisp and has no detectable grit or drag. A tiny bit of smooth take-up followed by consistent pressure and a break. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.