Walther PPQ Q5 Match Conversion Kit

Maximize Your PPQ’s Potential

Funny things happen when a manufacturer releases a good gun — everyone wants one, and now! Those who previously purchased an earlier model may feel resentment, or even slightly jilted, wishing, “Why didn’t I wait just a bit longer for this new version?” and are left craving the souped-up feature set of the latest and greatest. Of course, there’s no way for us to know when new, updated and upgraded models are headed down the pike.

This is exactly what happened with Walther and their PPQ line. With the growing interest in practical shooting, PPQ owners looked at the upper of the popular Q5 Match series of pistols and thought, “I want that!”

Well, Walther listened to their customers’ requests, releasing the PPQ Q5 Match Conversion Kit — and what a kit it is!

All In The Details

Those familiar with the Q5 Match will recognize the details immediately, such as the stylish and abundant porting skillfully applied to the slide itself. These weight-shaving cuts will really spruce up the PPQ and give it the modern and racy look of a top contender, while also assisting in barrel cool down. Outfitted with traditional sights, including a fiber-optic front and adjustable rear, the slide is also milled for any auxiliary red dot sight of your choosing.

Front and rear serrations make slide manipulation and press-check easy, while also contributing to the coolness factor. The ejection port is flared for consistent and reliable ejection.

The kit also comes with a 5″ polygonal rifled barrel with stepped chamber, providing match-grade accuracy and performance expected of a Q5 Match gun. The slide and barrel are both finished with a durable Tenifer coating to ensure years of protection against rust, corrosion and competition fumbles — and do well to add to the rugged good looks of the kit.

An upgraded recoil assembly is also included, delivering smoothness and reliability during firing.

Spruce Up Your PPQ

The conversion kit works for any Walther PPQ (excluding Sub-Compact) and is easy to install. It includes the slide, barrel, recoil assembly, all internal components, LPA rear adjustable sight, LPA fiber optic front sight and a test target showing a 5- shot group from 25 meters.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your PPQ, the PPQ Q5 Match Conversion Kit may be the way to go. MSRP is $599.

For more info: www.waltherarms.com, Ph: (479) 242-8500

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