Feel the Power

So what is it really like to touch off one of these little monsters? The golf ball version will quite literally throw a golf ball out of sight. In fact, I’m not sure these things ever came down. I’ve yet to find one.

The Coke can version is a freaking mule. The thump on firing hits you in the chest, and the heavy can will sail well into the next time zone. Muzzle flash when fired as dusk will inevitably induce the giggles.

The concave bottom of the can forms a nice gas seal. For reasons I do not fully understand both of these guns perform better with black powder than with Pyrodex. Black powder can be tough to find these days, but Pyrodex is still pretty cool.

I have found countless fired Coke cans filled with sand downrange during my strolls through the woods on my small Southern farm. The skin is invariably wrinkled from the stresses of launch and reentry. Bauxite, the ore from which elemental aluminum is derived, is the eighth most common material by mass in the earth’s crust, so it’s not like it’s actually littering. Additionally, if the ground is soft and there are no intervening trees they will likely bury themselves.