DMT Sharpener

You carry a knife — right? — And I’m willing to bet it might be sorely in need of a good sharpening. While getting a keen edge is a bit of a black art, learning how to get a excellent, basic working edge isn’t tough. Heck, shop YouTube and you’ll see a zillion videos. But one of the most important things you need is a good-quality diamond-sharpening tool. Old-fashioned stones are, well … old-fashioned. I’m not saying they can’t work, but you need to be careful with them, learn how to use them and take good care of them. I did that for decades, but diamond-sharpening technology won me handily over. The go-to products in our household are made by DMT. All of their products are made in the USA and all are uniformly well designed and of excellent quality.

This newest version of their “Diafold” sharpener features see-through handles so you can tell at a glance which “grit” is on the covered diamond surface of the sharpener scales. Red (shown on the upside of ours) is “fine” while blue (on the reverse) is “coarse.” It’s a perfect combination to work out nicks, establish a good bevel and get a basic edge going. Then the fine side will put a final hone on it and you’re good-to-go. We have one in the kitchen, I keep one on my work bench (along with a bench diamond “stone” for bigger tools and such, and there’s one in my grab bag of goodies I use for field dressing game.

DMT has also changed the design for the new packaging for this model, reducing the use of plastic in the package by 93 percent in the process. Best of all, you can’t wear the diamond surface out, and it’s only about $40 at full retail. Tell your wife you’re getting her diamonds for her birthday. Just be prepared to run. (P.S. Knife in the pic is a Grayman Dinka.) For more info:, (800) 666-4368
By Roy Huntington

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