Donson Grips

Stuck for a gift idea for yourself? Yeah, I said that right. If you’ve been smart and avoided the gun/ammo-buying frenzy going on, you’ve likely got a few bucks in your “gun stash” so maybe it’s time to spend a bit. Why not reward yourself for “Failing to spend $90 for a brick of .22s” or “Saving $1,300 by not spending $2,000 on a $700 AR-15?” And because you’ve been so smart, an easy, fast way to upgrade your favorite handgun is a set of truly custom grips.

DonSon has been in the biz for 2 years, but don’t let that fool you. This start-up has some smart people behind it who understand lasers and CNC machines and stuff like that. They’ve put this equipment to work crafting laser-engraved custom grips and other goodies. You can choose from an extensive lineup of premade grips (military logos, patriotic stuff, club logos, etc.) or they can take virtually any artwork you send and put that image on a set of grips. Check out the grips in the photo and you can see how they highlighted our FMG logo and our four main magazines. The work is cleanly done, has a fast delivery time, and the grips we checked out fit perfectly.

They’ve also put their CNC machine to good use these days. If you send them a set of your existing grips, they can duplicate them, and put custom engraving on them. They said they can duplicate just about any grips, so now it’s time to get a new set for your 13mm Borgward Sledgebolt. Never thought you’d find another set of grips for it, eh? Now you can, and get your favorite pooch’s picture on ‘em too. They do custom awards, presentation boxes, can laser-etch photos on rifle stocks and other cool stuff like that. For more info:, (478) 254-2221
By Roy Huntington

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