Doubletap Ammunition

Quality Control Hits The Mark

Doubletap Ammunition earns praise for precision and quality. FMG Publication’s Shari LeGate gives viewers a peek at what goes into each round.

2 thoughts on “Doubletap Ammunition

  1. David L. Ruddick

    I read John Taffin’s article in the November 2912 issue of American Handgunner about low recoil .45 ACP loads. I would certainly purchase your product if you marketed a similar load to what was described. I have handloaded a cartridge of similar specification (200 Gr Truncated Cone Copper-plated bullet over 5.0 grains of WW231). It is a wonderfully performing load that I would like to see commercially made. Make it and I will buy it.


  2. Timothy Bryson

    I too am an old man (69)and the only guns I carry are .45’s. I go from a Kimber Ultra with an alloy frame to a full size steel frame gun. I rather like the smaller guns and would love to have a factory load that won’t break my wrist. A close quarter round ought to work at a reduced load because penetration should be sufficient to stop the fight. Is such an animal available as a factory load? I can handload them myself but would rather carry factory loads when I am carrying concealed.

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