Eagle Grips

By Roy Huntington

Raj Singh of Eagle Grips is an old bud and someone who is supremely passionate about his work. He digs deep, travels far and doesn’t stop until he gets the quality raw materials needed to make a mind-boggling lineup of custom grips. While we’re showcasing some S&W models here, Eagle makes grips for everything from American Derringers, 1911’s, Rugers, Sigs, Taurus, Colts and more. You can pretty much name a model and chances are good Eagle has something to catch your eye to fit it. Do you have a hankering for Sambar stag? How about exotic woods? Ivory? Synthetics? Eagle has you covered.

This lineup for S&W J- and N-frames is typical of the style and workmanship Eagle delivers. From “factory-looking” grips to retro “coke bottle” models (top center) and Rosewood “Classic” grips evoking Roper, Skeeter Skelton and Elmer Keith (top right), the craftsmen at Eagle nail it. A personal favorite of mine are the “Secret Service” grips for J-frames (bottom). Available in rosewood, ebony, white and black polymer, ultra imitation pearl and Eagle’s new “Kirinite” synthetic, the smooth finish means these grips don’t catch on clothing and ride and draw smoothly in a pocket holster.

Eagle has a wide range of styles and designs covering cowboy models, concealed carry, target and even beautiful display grips for your favorite barbecue gun. Have a Luger in need of spiffing up? About to dust off that Automag? A PPKS got your attention? Let Raj and his crew at Eagle help you put a bit of lipstick on that favorite shooting iron. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/eagle-grips, (800) 323-6144

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