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300 Loads And Counting!

If you can remember when you could have any ammunition you wanted as long as the box said Remington or Winchester then you’re probably from my era. There certainly must have been other companies producing ammunition I just don’t recall ever seeing anything else, as far as sixgun ammunition, when I first started shooting. These companies, as well as Federal (1922), Hornady (1949) and CCI (1950s) were organized at times when government interference and regulation was at a minimum or even nonexistent. Such is no longer the case, however even in these highly regulatory times American ingenuity and entrepreneurship comes through.

In the last 30 years, we’ve seen such with the coming of Black Hills Ammunition, Cor-Bon and Buffalo Bore, among others, all mostly offering what the bigger companies did not. One of the latest, to my knowledge, is DoubleTap Ammunition, which began 10 years ago with four different 10mm loads produced in Mike McNett’s garage. A testament to what a new business can accomplish is the fact today DoubleTap manufactures more 10mm ammunition per year than any other company worldwide. Also in that short period of time DoubleTap has grown from those first four loads to over 300 loads being offered.

Every round manufactured by DoubleTap is touched by human hands before it leaves the factory. For those rounds assembled with hard cast bullets DoubleTap produces their own cast bullets with a BHN of 21, and they also sell components as well as loaded ammunition. DoubleTap began by offering what was unavailable from anyone else and McNett says many of their offerings are different from the norm in power, bullet selection, and/or caliber. Obviously they have found their niche.
By John Taffin

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