Exclusive: 3 Skinny Holsters for 1 Chunky Gun

I love three-inch barreled 1911’s and single-stack 9’s. Even though they can be a handful to hang on to and shoot, they’re skinny and super easy to conceal. Usually though, carrying a skinny gun means giving up on some ammo capacity — most of these kinds of guns have around six, seven, or eight rounds on board. Some days I just want more capacity. And that usually means carrying a larger gun or a thicker subcompact gun such as a Glock 26 Gen4, a 10+1 9mm. Compared to today’s single-stacks, the G26 slide measures 1.18 in. in width as it carries double-stack magazines. So it is one chunky gun. Thankfully, chunky guns like this can be carried concealed with skinny holsters. Here are three to consider…

VersaCarry, $24.99



A simple yet well-engineered design, the VersaCarry holster is really more of a plastic carrier than a holster. The gun barrel slides over the VersaCarry post (snugly) and the attached plastic carrier turns into a belt clip. A rounded plastic shield provides a trigger guard on one side. Slide the gun onto the post and then insert the unit into your waistband. To draw, just draw. The gun comes out; the carrier stays in place. VersaCarry adds 1/8” of additional girth to whatever gun you’re carrying.

ZeroCarry 2.0, $24.95



Another take on the plastic carrier design, ZeroCarry 2.0 provides a post for a gun barrel, a trigger guard and an adjustable-height belt clip attachment. Slide the gun barrel onto the post (it’ll be relatively loose) and insert the unit inside your waistband. Both sides of the trigger are covered and the gun can sit higher or lower, depending on your preferences. To draw, just draw. Since ZeroCarry 2.0’s dimensions allow it to stay within the gun’s width, it adds no additional girth whatsoever. Retention depends on belt tension so draw your belt as tight as you comfortably can. An optional retention strap is included.

Falco Breathable Belly Band, $30.95


Although it isn’t a holster per se, I’m including a belly band here because it is a skinny means of concealed carry. Falco’s Breathable Belly Band is not only comfortable, but at the points where it goes around the gun, it adds only 1mm of girth on each side. Wrap this band low around your waist and dress around it, the gun inside the “holster” pocket stays put. For added retention, stretch the tabbed loop around the back of the slide. To draw, just pull the retention loop off and draw. As a bonus, this bellyband includes two sewn-in magazine pockets and an extra storage pocket for whatever else you need to carry.

Carry a chunky gun? In the comments below, let us know which gun and how you carry it.

— Mark Kakkuri

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11 thoughts on “Exclusive: 3 Skinny Holsters for 1 Chunky Gun

  1. Chuck Haggard

    I am always stunned that any gun related publication would endorse the idea of the Versacarry, most especially American Handgunner.

    This “holster” leaves the trigger guard unprotected, the barrel plugged, gives extremely poor retention, and they very commonly break. There is no reason whatsoever for this item to exist on the market.

    Something like the Raven Vanguard is vastly better in doing everything one needs in an ultra low profile holster with none of these deficiencies.

    1. mark Post author

      Hi Chuck! Thanks for chiming in. Just a quick word about Versacarry, from my experience: The trigger is not left unprotected but in fact is covered on the non-body side by a plastic shield. Body side protection is provided by my body. While that may be less protected when compared to a standard holster — and may not be preferred by some — it is just not true that it is not protected. For something to enter the trigger guard and engage the trigger in any meaningful way is highly unlikely in this configuration. As for retention, Versacarry actually provides more retention than many other holsters. Drawing from a Versacarry requires an extremely deliberate motion, especially because the barrel is engaged with the post. And finally, as for breaking, I have about 10 different models of Versacarry, in various calibers and sizes, all of which have been in regular use for years. Not one has broken. I’ll be sure to check out the Raven Vanguard and see what it’s all about, though.

  2. Ketchman

    I too do not like the Versacarry system after having tried one with 2 different sidearms. Placing anything in the barrel of my weapon other than a cleaning rod goes against all safety training. And this carry device, I cannot call this a “holster”, holds the weapon in direct contact with your body and nice salty sweat as well as no trigger protection on the side in contact with your body. And I felt the frame was not very sturdy and had angle /edges that were directly against me. And I am not a thick or heavy fellow which is why I did try one as it is not easy to conceal much bulk on my frame. I like the Uncle Mikes fabric IWB holsters. They add no bulk to the weapon, the fabric is sweat proof and grippy enough to hold the gun in place during use and very confortable against me. Not to mention very inexpensive. Try one of those Mark and tell us if it is not a better answer than the Versacarry.

    1. mark Post author

      Hi Ketchman, thanks for your comment. Couple clarifications on the Versacarry: No part of the holster actually touches you. It only hangs on your belt and runs down the non-body side of the gun. As for protecting a gun against sweat, that’s true: it doesn’t. But some people sweat less than others and so this may not be much of a big deal for some. Proper cleaning no matter what, right? As for the post going in the barrel, it’s true we want no obstructions but properly used there’s no safety violation in my opinion. You bet I’ve tried Uncle Mike’s holsters. Good products, but sort of a different category of holster than Versacarry.

  3. Joe

    For a long time the only holster I had was the waist band or back pocket of my jeans. Not the best, but it worked for a while.

  4. left coast chuck

    Well, for $25 you’re not going to get a full dress, 100% horsehide, hand made, leather holster. You know, you might pay for a Cadillac and get a Pinto, but if you pay for a Pinto you are going to get a Pinto, not a Caddy, not in this world.

  5. Rope

    I disagree, I’ve been using Versacarry holsters for several years and I find them practical, well built, comfortable, and they provide great retention.

  6. GLEN

    Left Coast Chuck, neither the article nor the comments were based on cost. These holsters featured are junk. Not a reflection on the companies, but rather the styles.

  7. Rick B

    I carry a 26 in a N8squared Pro. Too wide with my big waistline to confidently carry in dress shirt and pants so dont carry at work

  8. Fido at work

    These carry methods are quite convenient when minimalist is the order of the day. I have not used my VersaCarry with my G26, it works good with my not as chunky Kahr CM9. The bellyband method has been used often while walking with exercise clothing on. It will hold either Glock or Kahr very well, as well as a spare mag and Surefire flashlight.
    Skinny holsters are not always an EDC first choice, but a convenient one when you need it.

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