Exclusive: A Brief Word About These Grips

You’ll have to excuse my terminology. I don’t normally call a handgun’s stocks its grips. But when I’m having to refer to the grip panels shipped on a gun from the factory, “stock stocks” proves to be an awkward construction. I would rather say “stock grips”. And, when the company who makes the replacements stocks or grips uses “grips” in its name, then I like to do so as well. Also, when all my buddies see these, they say, “Hey, cool grips.” They know they’re stocks, but that’s just what comes out.

Alright, enough of that. I’ll gladly take your verbal chastisements in the comments below. Back to the cool grips.

These aren’t just any cool grips, though. They are SGM Grips “9019 Horned Lizard Texas Blue/Black G-10 with std Thumb Notch, Genuine Larry Davidson Monkey Grips” and they look terrific on this Rock Island Armory Pro Match Ultra 6”, a competition 1911 chambered in 10mm. Moreover, they’re a functional upgrade, too. While RIA’s stock rubber grips (see what I mean?) are more than adequate, I have to admit, purchase (or quality of grip) went up a notch with these cool blues.


A brief spoiler about the RIA at the range: Hard-hitting tack driver. Lotsa drama and power when the hammer falls on a 10mm round, but superbly accurate at longer handgun shooting distances. Stand by for a fuller report…

For now, let’s just focus on the grips.

Removal of the RIA’s and installation of the SGM’s went as smoothly and as straightforward as anyone familiar with 1911’s could imagine. Two screws per grip panel off, new grip panels on, screws back on. Done.


And then you just stop and behold.

And then you pick up the gun and hold.

And then you head to the range and shoot.

And then you show them off to your buddies and the whole cycle starts over again.

Look good. Feel good. Shoot well.


Retail: $74.95. And that’s just one version of many available at SGMgrips.com.

— Mark Kakkuri

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One thought on “Exclusive: A Brief Word About These Grips

  1. Bill Assande

    Good looking “grips” Mark. Have you alresdy done a write up on Lok Grips out of Grand Rapids Mi? I have a set of his Mayhem grips on my CGW CZ P-01 that I absolutely love. Looking forward to the write up on the RIA as well, my 9mm/22TCM Commander has been a fantastic 1st 1911.

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