Exclusive: A Comfortable and Comforting Combination

I like snub-nosed revolvers. They’re simple and effective, especially when chambered in .357 Magnum. And when they’re chambered in .357 Magnum, I prefer all-steel construction and rubber stocks, such as what you find in the Taurus 650 that’s snugged in the holster you see here. While all-steel construction and rubber stocks help make shooting this Taurus more comfortable, carrying it can be a different story. Indeed, the biggest drawback for carrying almost any snubbie is the width of the cylinder. Stuffed under a gun belt, it can be uncomfortable. Yes, I know that carrying a concealed handgun is supposed to be comforting not comfortable. But it’s 2014, people. Surely there’s comfort to be found in some holster design somewhere.

DSC_9098Enter Nate Squared Tactical Holsters, a company founded by two clever guys named Nate. They  started their holster company on the premise of offering the most comfortable holsters for concealed carry. To do this, they used materials like oil-tanned leather, neoprene, and suede and kept the design simple and functional.

And comfortable.

Even for revolvers.

Here’s proof that they succeeded.

DSC_9106cFirst, the N82 Tactical Original Revolver Holster retails on the n82tactical.com website for $39.95. It’s a great price point for a decent holster, let alone one that offers a noticeably higher level of comfort. The cushion-backed, single clip design drops easily inside the waistband where tension from a gun belt keeps it in place.

Second, once you put it on, you immediately notice the comfort. The weight of the gun is there, yes, but the pressure from carrying the width of the cylinder under a belt has been spread out and eaten up by the neoprene and leather.

DSC_9099Third, the suede backing of the holster helps it stay where you put it — I prefer 4 o’clock with this rig — but I could easy move it forward or backward as needed. The elastic carrier for the holster snugly carried the Taurus 650 and, over time, eventually got used to its shape. The 650 never squirmed out of the carrier but drew out with just the right amount of resistance.

If you carry a snubby, Nate Squared Tactical’s patented design just brought comforting and comfortable a lot closer.

— Mark Kakkuri

For more information on Nate Squared Tactical, visit the American Handgunner Product Index.



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  1. Bill Pernell

    Glad to see that more people are seeing the benefits of this holster. I will never use another holster for my concealed carry. Still the most comfortable holster made.

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