Exclusive: A Radical, Reborn

Taurus Refreshes The .380 Curve

By Mike Cumpston

The Viridian Curve with the included Trigger Shield and belt attachment tether. The system can be set so the pistol’s
light and/or laser come on as soon as the gun is drawn. Note the key lock system at the rear of the slide.

In 2014, Taurus took a bold approach to gun design in introducing the Curve .380 ACP pistol. Featuring a melted and contoured shape designed to hug the curvature of a right-handed shooter’s body, the compact Curve was truly revolutionary. In its original trim, the Curve had a basic laser sight and light activated by an easily accessed button on the side of the frame just north of the trigger guard.

Even the sight design of the pistol was radical, by basically not really having any sights. Instead, there’s a cruciform marking on the back of the slide to help the shooter figure out which way the bore is pointed as well as a couple of little “ears” which pop up with the loaded chamber indicator and refine things a bit at “extended” ranges. Taurus and those people who reviewed the pistol at its introduction were clear it’s at its best at 7-10 yards, though with practice it can be pushed out to longer distances.

The Curve quickly carved out a niche in the marketplace due to its small size and unique design, and in 2017 Taurus decided to refresh the Curve. Veridian and the company struck a partnership upgrading the indwelling laser and light designators with multi-mode features, enhanced battery life and a strobe option.

An updated trigger shield tethered to the belt provides a magnet-actuated “instant-on” capacity which shuts down the selected laser-light mode when in place, sparing the battery, and activates it when the pistol is drawn. The light/laser system can still be operated by the button on the frame.

The Taurus Curve is literally curved to fit the body contours of a right-handed shooter and has an on-board
light/laser system. Image courtesy of Taurus.

Hands On

I found that the trigger lets off at about 6.5 lbs. after significant travel and resets itself in a positive manner. At full stroke my trigger finger rubbed against the trigger guard, but the Curve’s recoil was pleasant and manageable, and the pistol came back on target for quick follow-up shots. It delivered seamless rapid-repeat shots which were easy to track in the late evening with the on-board laser activated.

On-target results with the Viridian green laser designator or using the “sights” in full daylight were roughly equal in speed and accuracy at 3 and 7 yards. Shots at both ranges were easy to center in the X and 10 ring of the B-27/ TXTP target. In subdued light I found the laser comfortably extended the practical range to 15 yards.

The shooter is likely to need frequent practice to produce consistent “iron sight” hits at much over 10 yards — though the ergonomics of the grip and overall geometry of the pistol lend themselves to a repeatable presentation.

The Curve does not really have sights, but rather a “Bore-Axis” cruciform mark on the rear of the slide as well
as “ears” on the loaded chamber indicator.

Under The Hood

The Curve has double recoil springs on a steel guide rod coupled with cam-action locked breech. The hammer is partially set by the action of the slide and lacks double-strike capability. The mechanism is drop-safe by virtue of the firing pin spring weight and the light (13 oz.) weight of the pistol. Another “safety” device is a disconnect which prevents firing with the magazine removed from the pistol. The is also a key-activated lock designed for safe storage.

I ran Black Hills and Hornady 90-gr. JHP loads through the Curve and found them to be completely functional, with empties clearing the port with vigor. From the 2.7” barrel these loads ranged in velocity from the mid-800s to the lower 900 fps range. The 100-gr. ball loads by contrast piddle along at about 750 fps, ejecting weakly.


The Curve was truly a fresh take on pocket pistol design when it first came out in 2014. Now, with this refresh and the upgraded light/laser system from Viridian, you have truly capable pocket pistol that you can fine tune — through the multi-mode Viridian system — to be the ideal carry pistol for you.

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