Exclusive: A Spare Magazine, Just in Case

Acquiring concealed carry gear sometimes follows a predictable progression: one or two handguns, a dozen or more holsters, and then a real gun belt. Once you’re settled on those three pieces of gear, the next one you consider adding is a means to carry a reload. For those with auto-loading pistols, spare magazines usually find their way into a weak-side pocket, a briefcase, or a glove compartment. Carrying a spare magazine is always a good idea. An even better idea: carrying it in a case such as the Galco Concealable Magazine Case or Single Magazine Case. These lines from Galco can handle virtually all sizes of magazines, keeping a reload at the ready — just in case.

DSC_8729Concealable Magazine Case

The largest of the four pictured here, this Concealable Magazine Case is carrying a Glock 17 Gen 4 magazine — a size of magazine that rides better on belt than in pocket. The case is made of premium saddle leather and although it will fit up to a 1-¾-inch wide belt, it fit perfectly on this 1-½-inch American Holster Company gun belt. Installing the case requires removing your belt to the point between belt loops where you want it to ride and then sliding your belt through the case’s loop and then back through your belt loops. It rides as tight as you draw in your belt and holds the magazine with just the right amount of friction. The Concealable Magazine Case retails for $49.95 and comes in tan, black, or havana brown.

Single Magazine Cases

The other three magazine cases shown here are Galco’s Single Magazine Case. These are also made of premium saddle leather (black or tan finish) and retail for $38.95. I wanted you to see the various sizes of this particular case and how they handle magazines for different handguns.

DSC_8724bvA CZ-P07 magazine is the next largest of this lot and rides in a tan case. It wouldn’t be horrible to carry the P07 magazine in a pocket but with 15 rounds of 9mm on board it’s far superior when carried on a belt.

A Ruger LC9 magazine follows the P07 magazine in a black case. With a capacity of seven rounds, this magazine has no trouble, weight or size-wise, being carried in a pocket. This is also true for the Colt Mustang XSP magazine with its six rounds of .380 on board. Still, carrying both of these smaller magazines in a case on a belt yielded several advantages: the reload is always in the same place, ready to be accessed; there’s no fidgeting in a pocket for proper hand placement; and, worn weak-side, the weight of the magazine and case provides a bit of balance for the weight of a gun worn strong-side. Plus, each of the single magazine cases has a tension adjustment and employs a robust snap loop which makes installation and removal of the case very easy.

Do you carry a reload? If so, how?

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more about Galco at the American Handgunner Product Index.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: A Spare Magazine, Just in Case

  1. Miles

    I know I should but I do not always carry a reload. If I have my KelTec P3AT, the reload is in my pocket. If it is my Glock 27, I carry the mag in a case on my belt in a Fobus Kydex paddle case (like a paddle holster). When in my pocket, I make sure the mag is the only thing in that pocket — no “pocket trash” like keys, change, pens, etc.

    1. Dan

      Same here…I see no need for these. They are just something else to print and give away the fact you are carrying. I keep my Glock 42 spare mag in a pocket. On my G19 or SR9, I’ve got plenty of ammo to defend or retreat. You aren’t going to take the offensive and win a battle with a handgun.

  2. Wright

    I use the Glock combat extra mag pouch with a G17 mag in it. I (normally) carry a G26 in a Crossbreed Supertuck. I use an x-grip adapter for my G17 mag and it fits perfectly in the Glock combat mag pouch which also pulls in close for good conceal-ability. Only down side is that in order to remove you have to take you belt most of the way off. Therefore, I am open to getting something else but have not seen anything that rides as close to the body as the Glock combat pouch.

  3. Rod

    Being an NRA instructor and having 36 years of law enforcement I ALWAYS carry a spare mag. and do so with a Galco carrier. Remember magazines can malfunction and having a spare can be a life saver. To quote a knowlegable instructor ” No one ever lost a gunfight by bringing too many rounds”. Do as you see necessary and I will do the same.

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