Exclusive: Add a LaserLyte Laser to that Diamondback DB9 and…

Diamondback’s DB9 is not out to win you over with its looks. Indeed its smallish measurements — the thin and short slide and wide stocks — at first seem a bit out of proportion. Then you carry it and shoot it and the functionality and beauty of the design becomes obvious. Small and thin means very easy to carry concealed — all day. But the wide stocks mean easy to grip and shoot. So its no surprise when you fire 6+1 rounds of 9mm, you’ll describe it using words like “snappy, but accurate” and “lively, yet manageable.” Moreover, the DB9 has proven eminently reliable as a defensive pistol. One drawback of the Diamondback is that the stock sights are tiny. So one way to make it better would be to add a laser.

DSC_6936rLaserLyte’s UTA-DB laser fits two Diamondback pistols — the DB380 and DB9 — so it includes two housings for the laser’s master module. First I installed the master module in the right-side 9mm housing with the activation button, and screwed the two together. Then I pushed that unit onto the DB9’s trigger guard, under the dust cover. I added the left-side 9mm housing, pressing it against the installed right-side housing and pressed those two together. Two screws completed the joining of the two sides of the LaserLyte laser around the DB9’s trigger guard.

DSC_6939rOnce installed, I pressed the on/off switch and a bright, steady red dot appeared on whatever was in front of the DB9’s muzzle. Aiming at a wall about 10 yards away, the red dot appeared low and left from point of aim. A couple of turns with an Allen wrench on the LaserLyte’s windage and elevation adjustments corrected the placement. Total time from opening the LaserLyte package to laser aligned with pistol sights: about 10 minutes.

As you can see, the laser takes up hardly any space under the DB9. As for feel, the on/off switch turns on and off with a firm press from my finger and the entire unit rides secure while weighing virtually nothing. Retailing for $104.95, the LaserLyte UTA-DB seems to make the excellent Diamondback DB9 even better. Watch for a future range report to hear my thoughts on how the laser affects aiming and shooting the DB9.

— Mark KakkuriDSC_6945r

Learn more about LaserLyte and Diamondback at the American Handgunner Product Index.

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  1. Fred

    The LaserLyte is excellent unit but the diamondback is a bad choice. I had two of them and both had all kinds of problems, By a Sig and save your life.

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