Exclusive: AlumaGrips

By Tank Hoover

We all know proper grip is the foundation to good shooting, connecting ourselves to the gun, right? It allows for a consistent trigger pull, promoting uniform results as we maintain our sight picture. But what do we do when the gun just doesn’t feel “right” in our mitt? What if we just want to spruce up our gun and make it look cool with custom, personalized stocks with a tough, durable material? Hmm …

AlumaGrips To The Rescue

For the past 30 years, C.J. Precision has been answering the call for manufacturers wanting precise, lightweight grips. As demand increased, the company expanded, and AlumaGrips was born. They have become a leader in the industry by utilizing fully equipped, state-of-the-art CNC lathes, mills and computerized inspection equipment necessary to maintain their superior level of quality.

AlumaGrips’ high-quality handgun stocks were originally designed to fit single stack, full size Colt 1911’s, Commander size 1911’s, Officers Model styles and most Colt clones by Kimber, Springfield Armory and a number of custom pistolsmiths.

Options include ambidextrous safety cuts, and mag well cuts for any size grip. Other custom options are available, such as monogramed initials. Made of aircraft grade T-6 aluminum, the stocks are sturdy and corrosion resistant to serve users well for a long time. Also, there’s no risk of splitting, warping or cracking.

Beretta 92 Grips

Today, the product line has expanded, offering stocks for several other manufacturers, including Beretta. They’re available in silver, black or Olive Grey anodized finishes. AlumaGrips’ anodizing exceeds Mil-Spec standards.

Styles include Smooth Vertec and Smooth FS92, which are designed to be thinner and lighter than most Beretta stocks on the market today. Checkered Vertec and Checkered FS92 is the second option.

Custom options include 1″ Circle Vertec, Smooth Oval FS92 and 1″ Circle FS92. These areas are perfect for custom designs of your choosing.
Check out AlumaGrips’ easy-to-use website and pick out some stocks for your pistol.

AlumaGrips have a starting MSRP of $54.95, and are made proudly in the USA. For more information, go to: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/alumagrips/

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