Exclusive: Barranti Swift Cover “Life Vest”

By Tank Hoover

“Doc” Barranti of Barranti Leather Co. has more ideas buzzing around his noggin than a large beehive. This latest honey of an idea is a vest he calls the Barranti Swift Cover (BSC). As the name implies, it is just that — a stylish garment made to conceal, not carry your cannon! Other “tactical type” vests with 63 pockets and 15 zippers sag on the strong side from pocket carry, telegraphing to everyone, “Hey, this guy’s packin’ a piece” — defeating the very purpose of concealed carry.  

Don’t get stung; wear a BSC! Let me tell you the details of this stylish cover garment that won’t blow your cover.


Each BSC vest is meticulously handmade. You’ll be making an impression when wearing your “Italian Leisure Suit” (consisting of a smart-looking vest, jeans and boots) for CCW. The square cut bottom combined with proportional-sized armholes aids concealment by hanging smoothly from your torso.

The BSC is available with or without a lapel — depending on the event, or mood — to suit your fancy. For years, cagey concealed carriers dropped spare ammo in their outer garment to assist in the “sweeping” of the garment to clear leather. The BSC features strategically placed weights constructed within the fabric, allowing for a proper sweep, without sagging the garment, while also preventing exposure of your gun in unforeseen wind or movement.

The BSC is a classy garment handsome enough to impress, yet purposefully designed for concealed carry.


Each BSC features two large front bottom pockets and two smaller chest pockets, as well as two interior pockets for personal belongings. Colors options are Nutmeg or Stone. A choice of snazzy snaps or traditional buttons is also offered. The Barranti Leather logo is stitched into the front chest pocket of each BSC.


I consider the Barranti Swift Cover not only a practical, upscale-looking vest, but also a life vest for when you need it most. My only complaint? It covers up Doc’s beautiful holsters.

Prices start at $125 and are available in sizes S–3XL.

For more info:
Barranti Leather Co.

Ph: (412) 860-4804

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