Exclusive: Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster Review

Colt’s Mustang XSP, a small, slim, six-round .380 that functions just like a 1911, is a fantastic concealed carry pistol for a few reasons: It’s small, slim, and functions just like a 1911. But while small, it’s not too small. In fact, the Mustang feels better in hand that most other pistols its size. Slim means thin and thin is in, especially when holstering the Mustang in pocket or inside the waistband. And with its decent single action trigger and manual safety, the genius of the 1911 action will be evident again. Watch for a thorough review of this polymer-framed Colt Mustang to post here soon. In the meantime, I’m going to introduce to you a great means of holstering the XSP: The Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster (UCH). Just like the XSP, the UCH is small, slim, and functional.



A small pistol should require only a small holster and thankfully Blade Tech’s UCH only uses enough holster material to securely envelope the Mustang XSP and attach it to the special belt clip, a design which allows for inside the waistband and tuckable concealed carry. The muzzle end of the holster covers the XSP muzzle while remaining somewhat open and a body shield keeps the XSP’s rearward parts from directly touching the body. I don’t normally tuck a shirt over a tuckable holster but the XSP and the UCH made this far easier than most.


While both gun and holster are slim and lightweight and install inside the waistband with virtually no fuss, the rig simply carries better on a real gun belt. And as you would expect, a lighter weight gun and holster yield more comfort when carrying concealed. Additionally, it is possible to get away with a looser fitting on the belt you’re using to carry this smaller rig.



The UCH carried well at 4 o’clock and helped the XSP offer just enough of the stocks to be able to grasp and draw quickly. Despite the complexity of the unique belt clip, the UCH installed and came off with little wrangling.

Blade Tech’s Ultimate Concealment Holster retails for $74.99 and as a small, slim, functional holster it proved a terrific match for the Colt Mustang XSP.

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more about Blade Tech at American Handgunner’s Product Index.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment Holster Review

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  2. Alan

    This holster is discontinued. I own two and sold one with my last pistol, which I regret. I carry every day and the UCH is the only holster I care to use.
    Blade Tech made a short final run last year; I had called them just before they stopped production and got mine from them.
    Blade Tech told me that midwayusa.com was one of their biggest sellers; topgunsupply.com still has some in stock.
    My advise is to Google it and call Blade Tech to ask for current resources. I was successful with that.

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