Exclusive: Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster

By Tank Hoover

Blue Force Gear has come out with the newest, lightest, thinnest pocket holster to date. It’s made of their ULTRAcomp material; developed for and proven on the battlefield. A minimalist pocket holster, it comprises an inner Cordura material protecting pistols from scrapes, scratches and scuffs along with keeping lint, dirt, dust bunnies and other pocket paraphernalia out.

It keeps the user’s gun upright and in proper position for easy drawing, preventing pocket skirmishes while trying to clear a roscoe. It covers the trigger too, keeping it from “catching” and engaging while returning it to a pocket.

The ULTRAcomp pocket holster has a built-in hook design made to grab a pocket, along with an outer material “rubberized” for a friction-form fit keeping the holster in the pocket while the gun is drawn.

The holster design also helps prevent printing, resists water and sweat and is washable. It comes in black and gray. It’s reversible for either left or right pocket carry, at only $20 a pop, the new ULTRAcomp pocket holster makes for inexpensive peace of mind — keeping pocket-rockets safe, sound, protected and personal.

The ULTRAcomp pocket holster is made for the SIG Sauer 238 and 938, Kimber Micro, GLOCK 43 and Ruger LCP and LCP II.

For more Info: http://americanhandgunner.com/company/blue-force-gear/

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