Exclusive: Bullet Blossoms

“The Bloomin’ Blossom That Went Boom”

By Tank Hoover

For those of you afflicted with a severe case of cabin fever, winter doldrums or, in a worse case scenario, feel like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” — fear not! Spring is in the air! The snow is melting, the days are getting longer and visions of green grass, chirping birds and Bullet Blossoms are here. Bullet Blossoms? Yep! You heard right…

The Beginning

Scott McGeough, owner, proprietor and sole employee of Bullet Blossom Creations is hard at work creating his bullet blossom jewelry. Scott’s jewelry is unique to say the least, for his beautiful, fully blossomed flowers are actually 230-grain, +P .45 caliber and 9mm 124-grain fully expanded Hydra-Shok slugs! Ooh baby! I get excited just saying that! These slugs are the centerpiece of his hand-crafted bullet art designed and geared for the gun aficionado who appreciates the beauty of a fully expanded hexagonal hollow-point slug with peeled back jacketed-petals proudly displaying its deadly ductility and malleability.

And get this! The poor guy has to laboriously shoot them into a 40 gallon Tractor Supply water trough to create his pouting posies…the dirty dog. Getting paid to shoot? Some guys have all the luck!


As you display your exclusive Bullet Blossom Creation on the outside, either on a stylish necklace, bracelet or anklet made of cleverly colorful 750 and 550 paracord that is adjustable and secured with a double sliding barrel knot for a custom fit, you’ll be the envy of the bullet-blasting bunch you hang with. Options include a sterling silver chain and turquoise insert for your blossom.

Also available are tie tacks and zipper pulls to keep you at the ready for a quick zip or steady tie with a slick hollow-point slug. Cuff links and refrigerator magnets are also options to display your devotion to the shooting sports.

All sharp edges of your blossom are filed and folded over for a safe snazzy display with no risk of secondary slices to your epidermis. It ain’t gonna cut ya! Finally, each blossom is sealed with a spray-on finish.

Show your support while displaying your love and appreciation of the gun sports by wearing your Bullet Blossom Creation. Scott is a former Naval Officer, current Merchant Marine Officer and Volunteer Fire fighter. Here’s an innovative American product made by a great American.

For more details go to: https://bulletblossomcreations.com
Or call 423-802-3503

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  1. Jennifer Howard

    Our family has several of these and we wear them proudly. We are always receiving positive comments.

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