Exclusive: Bullseye Camera Systems

By Tank Hoover

With necessity being the mother of invention, every now and then a product comes out we aren’t quite sure about. At first we scoff, then skepticism sets in. “Really? Do I need that?”

Those following the Ned Ludd school of fighting innovation and progress, read no further. For those who wish to own a system that accurately records your shots in real time and allows you to store this data for easy retrieval, read on …

I admit it. At first glance, I thought, “Why do I need this? I have a spottin’ scope!” Then I learned all the features the Bullseye Camera System has to offer and I was amazed. Plus, have you priced a good spotting scope lately? For half the price, you can own a Bullseye Camera System.

Once you setup the camera and connect it to your device wirelessly, you’re ready for business. The Bullseye Camera System can be used while shooting rifles, handguns or archery for practice, or sight-in. Walk your shots into the bullseye effortlessly with the Bullseye Camera System.

Features of the Bullseye Camera System:

1. See your shot! Your last shot will blink, allowing you to mark it with a color-coded system and number.

2. Allow multiple shooters to shoot the same target with their “own” mark, or color code different groups you shoot.

3. Save, retrieve and measure group size for your records. This is invaluable for load development for handloaders!

4. No cellular/internet service required. The system generates its own signal for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. No monthly fees!

5. No walking to your target for Long Range Shooters!

Keeping all of your shooting data in a neat, compact system with easy retrieval features just makes sense. Innovation should make things easier for us and the Bullseye Camera System does.

Let’s see your spotting scope do all that!

MAXIMIZE your time at the range by being more productive with each shot by allowing yourself to relive each shot as many times as you want, on screen.

The Bullseye Camera System has a MSRP of $349 for the 300-yard system and $649 for their 1-mile system.

For more info: https://americanhandgunner.com/company/bullseye_camera_systems/

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